October 21, 2020

Stepping forward: UNCG unveils its newest campus master plan | Education

In the master plan’s 6-to-10 year time frame, possible projects include additions to the Weatherspoon Art Museum and the Bryan School of Business and Economics and construction of a second new science building. The master plan also calls for replacing the Eberhart Building, a science facility to two of UNCG’s most popular majors, biology and psychology. That building turns 50 next year.

The new master plan calls for relocating the School of Health and Human Sciences to one of these proponsed new science buildings because the school’s nine departments are scattered throughout campus. About 20 percent of UNCG’s students are enrolled in the health and human sciences school, which is the university’s third largest academic division after the College of Arts and Sciences and the business school.

Further-out projects include millennial campus buildings along West Gate City Boulevard, one new residence hall and an addition to an existing dorm.

UNCG trustees in 2019 approved spending $450,000 to pay for a new master plan, the first done since Gilliam arrived on campus in 2015. The board hired Sasaki, a Massachusetts architecture and design firm that did UNCG’s last master plan in 2014, to prepare the new one.

Greg Havens, a principal with Sasaki who led the UNCG planning effort, said the new master plan reflects the university’s strategic plan and gives UNCG a long-term vision for developing its campus. He said the master plan is designed to be flexible to include new projects and ideas as campus conditions change.

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