November 28, 2021

49ers Post-Week 4 Under Reaction


That’s not an overreaction or an underreaction. That’s the reality of the offense from Sunday Night.

Much like the Arizona Cardinals, the 49ers had no business losing to the Philadelphia Eagles. Mistake after mistake ended up costing them the loss as they had no room left to leave the field with a victory.

Fortunately, that game is in the past, and the team can now move on from it.

Sometimes a backup quarterback plays exactly like a backup.

I still do believe Nick Mullens is the best backup quarterback in the NFL despite Sunday’s struggles.

The San Francisco 49ers going 1-1 with their backup quarterback is not the end of the world. Just three years ago in 2017 everybody would have been thrilled if the starting quarterback would have gone 1-1.

Expectations have obviously changed since then.

More likely than not the 49ers win this game with Jimmy Garoppolo behind center. Something Garoppolo has showcased in his 26 starts as the 49ers quarterback is that he has the ability to hold strong in the pocket and get the ball out quickly before the pressure gets the best of him.

Of course, there are occasions when the pressure does get to Garoppolo causing him to force things, but that happens to every quarterback from time to time. No quarterback is undefeated when overcoming a defense that is causing a boatload of pressure, but Garoppolo is surely a lot better than Nick Mullens in doing so.

The offensive line will improve.

It’s simple. While the New York Giants and Jets are awful teams, their defensive lines has some solid names and are definitely talented. Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s defensive line has been their staple for years on that side of the ball.

San Francisco will not see a defensive line as talented as the past three opponents until they host Green Bay Week 9.

The offensive line should gain their confidence back over the next four weeks.

The record has little meaning after 4 weeks.

Yes, a 2-2 record isn’t a “sexy” record to begin a season. But San Francisco still controls its destiny to defend the NFC West title. The 49ers have five division games left on the schedule to go along with a potential top seed Green Bay.

There was a stretch when the 49ers went 3-3 last season. They still ended with a 13-3 record, division title and Super Bowl appearance.

This team doesn’t have the benefit of an 8-0 start, but does have the benefit of playing six teams with a 2-2 record or worse left on the schedule.

In 2019, the Cowboys and Rams both started 3-1 and both missed the playoffs.

The team is only getting healthier.

Take a deep breath don’t panic as Jimmy Garoppolo, Richard Sherman, Emmanuel Moseley, Raheem Mostert, and Dre Greenlaw all have the possibility to be back within the next week or two. 

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