September 27, 2021

5 Eye-Opening Benefits of Using Facebook Business Manager For Your Business | by IIB Council | Digital Marketing Made Simple | Aug, 2020

After creating your business manager account on Facebook, the first thing you’re probably going to do is add people under your account, and when you do, you will immediately see how everyone in your company will fit in.

As you can see in the screenshot below, all people will be added under one of four main categories (the last two shown here are seen once you click on “Show Advanced Options”).

Employee Access

This is the option that would be selected by default, and rightly so, as this will fit most of the users that you’re adding to your account. I recommend using that option for anyone on your marketing team, interns, or anyone on your payroll who is not an owner.

Admin Access

The second option is basically the highest level of access you can give on the business manager. With this level of access, users can have full control over users, marketing assets (we’ll cover this next), payments, and pretty much everything else.

That’s exactly why I do NOT recommend giving this level of access to anyone besides the account owner.

Important Tip: Most people confuse admin access here on business manager with admin access over an ad account or a page. They are most definitely NOT the same! You can still give full admin access over a page or an ad account through the employee access, I promise

Financial Analyst

One of the advanced options for user roles on business manager is Financial analyst, which basically gives a user view-only access over financial reports, invoices, account spends. This advanced option is mostly used by bigger companies with dedicated accountants and financial analysts.

This is a good choice for your accountants, though, if you have one since it just gives them what they need from your account and nothing else!

This means that there’s no chance of them messing up anything else on your ads or page, which is really the essence of Facebook Business Manager.

Financial Editor

The second advanced option we have here is similar to the financial analyst role we just discussed. The only difference here is that a financial editor, as the name suggests, will have the ability to edit any payment-related setting on your accounts. That means that a financial editor will have a higher level of access than a financial analyst would.

With these many options to choose from, you can see how Facebook Business Manager can help you create new users under your account and giving them exactly the level of access they need. Later, I will show you how to get even more granular with the level of access you can give to your employees, but first let’s look at one of the biggest reasons you should start using Facebook Business Manager: Adding Assets.

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