May 24, 2022

A.I. Branding Platform Empowers Small Business and Startups with Complete DIY Service

ZeBrand puts the power and depth of expert branding agencies in the hands of small businesses and startups with their complete, self-generating branding toolkits.

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZeBrand is a complete DIY branding platform that uses algorithmic logic to create complete brand strategies and generate brand designs and identities for emerging businesses.

A.I. Branding Platform ZeBrand Empowers Small Business and Startups with Complete DIY Branding Service

The service aims to make branding more accessible than ever and is efficient, simple, and cost-effective.

Companies are guided by the service as they refine and distill their thinking about who their target customer is, their vision, brand story, and messaging. ZeBrand’s artificial intelligence then gathers this information and creates complete brand blueprints that provide value previously accessible to only large internationally known brands with larger budgets and time commitments.

According to a recent article titled, “How to Brand Like Apple, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola,” branding goes far beyond logo design. Internationally known brands work with large agencies to ensure their brand messaging is consistent across platforms, makes use of strategic designs to solicit an emotional response, tailors promotional messaging to specific demographics and tells an authentic story.

While today’s web-based graphic design apps provide basic logos and templates, they lack the strategic brand development capabilities that ZeBrand offers.

“ZeBrand’s aim is to make businesses grow by putting the same kind of branding strategies that large corporations use into the hands of emerging enterprises,” states ZeBrand’s founder, Ryo Kikuchi.

How ZeBrand Does It

Strategy Boards – A series of exercises and frameworks organized into 5 steps ,from reflecting on your business model all the way to crafting your brand messages and brand story

Brand Coaches – 45-minute virtual sessions with experienced brand and marketing strategists to gain insight and knowledge

Design Kits – Algorithms that find the optimum combination of all visual brand elements – logo, typography, imagery, color and more to communicate your brand effectively

Brand Assets – Downloadable templates and files so you can deliver your brand on all touch points – e.g. social media icons, logo files, website templates, presentation templates, and brand guidelines

About ZeBrand

ZeBrand was created to give entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups the means to make their brand vision real for the world to see. Their complete branding platform provides brand strategy, design generation, and asset downloads previously available to only large corporates to all. Visit

CONTACT: Mayo Jinnai, [email protected]

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