September 17, 2021

Adam Ivy and His Dedication to Showing the Ropes of the Music Business to All

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2020 / The music business, as tricky as it is, has a hack, and Adam Ivy’s music education company, Sell Music Academy, Inc. specializes in providing that hack to aspirants. With his extensive experience in the music industry, he is well-positioned to show music business enthusiasts how to play the game and play it well.

Adam Ivy is a music producer whose initial foray into media production on YouTube has evolved into quite a lot of things over the years. He is a brand strategist, a renowned creative marketing specialist with lots of awards to his name, and a seasoned educator.

His journey started with an 800-dollar investment, which has yielded a six-figure income, and continues to do so. The marketing techniques that he currently capitalizes in are the same ones that have worked for him. Known for creating a brand that shot to fame within two years, Adam Ivy has worked in virtually every sector in entertainment and Hollywood.

His works have been used on top television networks like E! Network, MTV, CNBC, and GTV. He also has production credits in projects involving more than 2,400 independent artists in 23 countries as well as some other recording artists like G-Eazy, Kevin Gates, and ModSun. Companies like Clear Channel Media, MTV, and Burger King have all worked with him on one project or the other. He has also consulted or collaborated with some corporate brands such as Behringer, Dell, Taco Bell, and Adam Audio. Adam Ivy is a marketing expert with a wide reach and connections to small businesses, major corporations, and individual business owners across every sector.

His success is unparalleled, and he is offering a never-before-seen kind of education for music creators and people in the music business generally. He has a lot of free educational content on his YouTube page for people who want to learn about music marketing and brand development. His videos have a combined view of more than 10 million, and his channel has a strong 200k subscriber count that keeps increasing.

Adam decided to make things formal in 2018 by establishing his education company, Sell Music Academy, Inc., where people can enroll and have access to all his advanced music marketing courses and resources. He already has two such courses, namely the Sell Music Masterclass and Market Your Music Accelerator coaching program, both of which have received a lot of rave reviews.

Adam Ivy’s goal is to get as many people as possible to realize that they can build a music business without spending too much on marketing or lobbying for a record deal anywhere. His marketing systems have been tested extensively and proven to work. And anyone who creates music of any form can benefit from his courses and systems. With over fifteen years as a music producer and over ten years of music marketing, Adam Ivy is confident about his deliverables, and he wants everyone who can join to be a part of it.

This established powerhouse did not come from money, so he forged his path by himself, and now he wants to show people the ropes so they don’t hit the numerous snags that he did on his way up.

On his goals between now and the next five years, he has this to say, “We aim to become the industry leader in marketing and business education resources for those in the music space. The vision is to expand into a larger facility that will act as an in-person training and event space for students as well as a headquarters for team members and video production work. Personally, I would like to establish myself as a go-to keynote speaker, author, and receive accreditation for all of our educational programs.”

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