August 9, 2022

Anil Singhvi unveils money-making strategy for investors, traders

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Stock Market Outlook: After around 3 per cent crash in the Indian stock market on Thursday, both traders and investors are skeptical about the future trends. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has said that when there is fear, there is opportunity to make money. The Market Guru advised stock market investors to keep on adding from the NSE Nifty levels from 10,800 for the next 5-6 weeks till it doesn’t close above 11,150 and Bank Nifty above 21,200, while for traders they should maintain ‘sell on rise’ strategy.

Unveiling the trade strategy for stock market investors Anil Singhvi said, “For stock market investors, next 5-6 weeks will be of investment. They should continue accumulating on every dip, and this should begin from now as the NSE Nifty is below 10,800. In fact, they need to continue this strategy in October and November series by investing money in installments like a mutual funds SIP.”

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On what kind of stocks, they should be investing in the Market Guru said, “In the last series, I had said that investors should shift from mid-cap and small-cap stocks to large-cap and they should continue doing this. They should shift from large-cap to mid-cap and small-cap stocks only when the NSE Nifty dips to the tune of 5 per cent from current levels.”

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On his stock market tips for the traders Singhvi said, “For traders, sell on rise is the right strategy till NSE Nifty doesn’t manage to get a close of above 11,150 and Bank Nifty gets a closing above 21,200. Once, both the indices get closing above this given level, they need to become neutral and then buy on dips would be advisable.”

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