September 29, 2022

Annette Rippert On Making Cloud The Center Of Business

Coordinating Strategy Around Customers’ Growing Cloud Requirements

Global solution provider Accenture last week unveiled a $3 billion, three-year commitment to quickly build on its already formidable cloud capabilities to help its customers more quickly move not just applications, but their entire businesses, to the cloud. This is being coordinated via a new Accenture Cloud First initiative, which is starting on Oct. 1 and is slated to bring together 70,000 of the company’s personnel from across a wide swath of its services capabilities into a single cloud focus.

CRN recently spoke with Annette Rippert, Accenture’s group chief executive for strategy and consulting, about the Accenture Cloud First initiative and its plan to spend $1 billion in each of the next three years to advance its ability to digitally transform customers’ business.

Rippert, who leads the part of Accenture’s business that includes its corporate strategy practice, industry consulting, functional consulting, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and its Industry X.0 digital transformation initiatives, told CRN that while her company has been bringing its global customers to the cloud for years, the new Cloud First initiative is aimed at accelerating that move by uniting so many different parts of its services businesses to better concentrate on the cloud.

Here’s a deep look into the Accenture Cloud First initiative and what it means for Accenture and its customers.



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