January 21, 2022

Another long-time Oahu business to close their doors for the time being

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – Challenged by the change of the times, Buzz’s Original steakhouse in Lanikai announced Sunday they are shutting down for the time being.

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Business has slowed drastically at Buzz’s Original Steak House in Lanikai.

They cited lower demand for takeout during this latest shutdown, and financial challenges brought on by the economic downturn.

The family-owned business has been open for 58 years, and they say they’ve adapted to the best of their ability. But when it comes down to it, surviving on takeout alone was not feasible for their business.

“Our main focus really is the experience of Buzz’s. Going into Buzz’s with your family, with your friends, having a good time, doing the dine in. We never were a takeout restaurant, but we became a takeout restaurant due to these circumstances,” Family owner Kaleo Schneider said. “It’s not where we want to be or thrive, and people are having a hard time.”

The family says they started the year with 80 employees, but are now down to 40 after making some difficult cuts.

“It’s really killing us. On all levels. It’s killing really everybody in the industry,” Schneider added.

She hopes that lawmakers will be more clear and concise in their decision making process going forward.

Buzz’s said they were doing fairly well during the first stay-at-home order, but the second round proved too challenging.

“I just wish they would give us enough time to make decisions. We ordered a lot of stuff, and then they come in and say you’re closing in three days. I mean you cant get rid of that,” Schneider said. “I feel like, on some level, its kind of deceiving to us business owners when you say you’re gonna close for two weeks and then you go four weeks and then four weeks turns into six weeks.”

In recent weeks, they’ve been operating off an adjusted menu. The owners say they are appreciative of all the local support during the troubling times.

They hope to reopen when lawmakers give the full green light for dine-in services down the road. Sunday is their last day for takeout until they decide to reopen.

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