January 29, 2023

Baton Technologies Announces Software Implementation Partnership with Jeff Kushmerek Consulting

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Baton Technologies announces plans today to expand its partnership agreement with delivery service provider Jeff Kushmerek Consulting. The two companies will help software providers simplify, automate and accelerate the implementation of their products.

The companies first collaborated on a project to rapidly deploy contact tracing and exposure notifications to aid efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Jeff Kushmerek Consulting is using Baton’s implementation management software as part of a Pathcheck Foundation mission to help contain the pandemic while protecting individual freedom and privacy.

As part of the partnership agreement, Baton will engage Jeff Kushmerek Consulting to work with select software providers and their clients to reduce project costs, time spent, and complexity, and build repeatable, ever-improving implementation processes.

Jeff Kushmerek, CEO of Jeff Kushmerek Consulting, says of the company, “We learned a great deal about the value of Baton while working in a crisis where faster deployments of the Pathcheck Foundation’s Exposure Notification software ultimately translates to slowing the spread of the Coronavirus and saving lives.”

Jeff Kushmerek Consulting includes a specialized practice aimed at helping organizations manage all aspects of complex implementations, especially time-sensitive projects that involve multiple stakeholders. Kushmerek went on to say, “When companies want to expedite Time-to-Value, we’ve seen few implementing tools like Baton that genuinely provide the ability to increase collaboration and eventually the successful launch of software.”

Alex Krug, Baton’s CEO, commented on Jeff Kushmerek Consulting’s expertise and why Baton selected them as a service delivery partner, “We’ve seen first hand how Jeff and his team work. Their prowess in identifying and eliminating communication gaps that slow down important technology projects aligns with Baton’s mission and our product gives them a brand new tool as they help customers deploy game-changing software. Jeff was personally involved in the Pathcheck Foundation’s evaluation of Baton and continues to provide feedback on how we could best apply our solution to problems that repeatedly arise in complex implementation projects.”

About Baton Technologies:

Baton Technologies software streamlines complex implementation processes and maximizes the number of satisfied software customers from project kickoff to widespread deployment. Baton’s solutions are engineered to simplify, automate, and accelerate implementations with focus on improved internal and external collaboration among project team members. For learn more, visit hellobaton.com.

About Jeff Kushmerek Consulting:

Jeff Kushmerek Consulting is a Boston-based professional services firm with focused practices in complex project realignment, software product development, and multi-organizational implementations. The consultancy works with high-growth companies to establish foundational processes aimed at optimizing resources, managing deliverables, and aligning stakeholder goals and expectations. Jeff Kushmerek Consulting provides services in team creation, product benchmarking, and staff retention and productivity.

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