September 23, 2021

BBB: Are virtual credit cards a good idea? | Business

Continue to review your transactions regularly. While virtual credit cards offer extra protection from fraud, they don’t make you immune. Review your credit card statements regularly. If you find any unusual charges, contact your credit card issuer immediately.

Set up spending limits. Most virtual credit cards allow you to set spending limits for each virtual card number or specific merchants. Not only will this help mitigate losses if a virtual number becomes compromised, it can also help you stick to your monthly budget.

Keep an eye on expiration dates. If your virtual credit card number can be used more than once, know when it expires or set the limit yourself. You can generate a new virtual credit card number when the old one expires.

Don’t use a virtual credit card to pay for long-term subscriptions. Since virtual credit cards have shorter expiration dates, they aren’t a good way to pay for subscription services. As soon as the expiration date passes, further transactions will be declined, and your subscription could be canceled.

Think about returns. If you purchase an item online with your virtual credit card and then return it at a physical store, you may not be able to get a cash refund since you won’t have a physical credit card to present. Make sure you don’t mind getting a gift card or store credit instead if you purchase something you are likely to return in person.

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