December 5, 2022

Bears’ Mitch Trubisky vs. Giants: Will he have a big game?

Mitch Trubisky was benched before halftime of the season opener by countless Bears fans on social media.

That’s probably going to happen when the quarterback blows a third-and-1 sneak on the game’s first series, adds a turnover on downs to the mix and, late in the half, accomplishes precisely zilch in the hurry-up offense. Especially when it follows three years of a lot of, shall we say, Trubisky-ing.

Fortunately, coach Matt Nagy stuck with his guy, who pulled the Bears’ fannies from the fire with a fourth-quarter comeback for a 27-23 win against the Lions. But you probably knew that already.

Enough about last weekend. How will Trubisky play Sunday against the Giants at Soldier Field? That question led the agenda for this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter.

Will he crush it? Will he get crushed? Or somewhere in that shaky in-between?

“How can it not be another shaky outing with Mitch until he consistently proves otherwise?” @eswillow72 commented.

That’s kind of what we were thinking. And speaking of proving otherwise, any chance that’ll ever happen?

“Giants are not good,” @denali12 wrote. “Expect a big game — and also A-Rob to show why he should get that contract!”

Wide receiver Allen Robinson certainly gives Trubisky more of a chance to do well.

Other topics this week? We asked voters to weigh in on the Big Ten’s reversal of course on fall football (hint: this definitely isn’t SEC country) and on their excitement levels as both the Cubs and the White Sox march to the playoffs. On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: What are you expecting from Bears QB Mitch Trubisky in Week 2 against the Giants?

Upshot: Commenter @Dan_Uriostegui just doesn’t get it, writing simply, “29%!? C’mon!” We originally took that to mean Dan believed there should’ve been a higher percentage of “big game” votes. Now that we’re thinking it through, though, is it possible he meant 29% was too high? We just blew our own minds.

Poll No. 2: In a word, how would you describe the Big Ten’s decision to play football this fall?

Upshot: Did we mention this isn’t SEC country? In some necks of the woods, all these “reckless” and “greedy” voters would be assailed as spineless snowflakes and maybe even co-conspirators in a game of political football. These are the same necks of the woods where a player with a certain virus might be told to “rub some dirt on it.”

Poll No. 3: The Cubs and White Sox are playoff-bound. Are you as fired up as you would be in a more typical, 162-game season?

Upshot: It’s nice to see the “absolutelies” prevail in a landslide, isn’t it? The season has been stranger than all get-out, but there’s something about winning that makes it all feel just right. It might even make up for 2008, the last year the Cubs and Sox both made the playoffs, when they went a combined 1-6 in the divisional round against the Dodgers and Rays.

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