May 17, 2022

Benham Brothers share their journey from LU graduation to real estate business leaders

An understanding of God’s word and a willingness to apply scripture in their daily lives led two twin brothers to take on the real estate industry.

Jason and David Benham, returned to their alma mater, Liberty University, for “Redefining Entrepreneurship from the Inside Out”, an event hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship. The brothers are in Lynchburg to film an entrepreneurship video series to instruct and inspire students. 

Jason and David grew up in Dallas, Texas, where their father pastored a church.

The Benham’s father had a major influence on their lives, teaching them about the importance of actively living out God’s word. David Benham remembered a distinct quote their father told them early in life. 

“I’m a pastor and I train you in theology, but if your theology does not become your biography, then your theology is worthless,” David Benham said, recalling his father’s statement.

The Benham brothers began incorporating theology into their lives in the easiest way they could. The brothers carried themselves in a Christ-like manner when they played baseball. Eventually, both brothers’ baseball skills afforded them athletic scholarships to play at Liberty University.

Their time at Liberty University allowed the brothers to study God’s word deeply. The principles that the Benham’s picked up from the Bible became principles that they live by daily. 

Upon graduating, the brothers were drafted into the MLB. Jason and David ended up playing on the same minor league team, The Arkansas Travelers.

When the Benham brothers began growing their own families, they pulled the plug on their baseball careers. Jason Benham said that it was more important to see his children grow up than play professional baseball. 

The brothers, who were both history majors at Liberty, then turned to business.

After starting out in real estate, the brothers were able to find their niche in home renovations. While they lacked a lot of skills in home repairs, a commitment to studying allowed them to grow their own skills and create new experiences. 

One biblical principle the Benham’s incorporated into their business was to be faithful in the little things. Their attention to detail and their passion for their business helped lead to quick growth and success.

Within seven years, the brothers’ company had 100 offices across 35 states. When the Benham brothers were frequently asked about their success, David Benham would attribute it to his faith. 

“Learn the Scripture,” David Benham said. “Know God. Abide with Him; follow His leading and live out his principles. If you do that and you decide to be an entrepreneur or go into business, you’re going to do very well.”

Shortly after the recession hit, the Benham’s saw another opportunity. Missionaries across the world lost funding due to a depressed economy, so the Benham’s began a business to help support missions work, something they called “missioneering.” 

The Benham’s life took another turn when a production company asked them if they would be interested in a reality television show, based around their real estate business. The Benham’s signed a contract with HGTV to begin producing a show called “Flip it Forward.”

After the show was announced, many publications bashed the Benham’s for their faith and biblical worldview. HGTV and the Benham brothers eventually agreed to part ways, axing the show. 

The journey inspired the brothers to write a book about their experiences. 

The Benham’s pressed forward and launched new businesses over time. Their most recent venture is an online course called Expert Ownership. The course is designed to train people to be entrepreneurs in the marketplace. 

A live course will be offered Oct. 21-22, featuring many prominent figures, including the brothers. More information can be found at

The brothers encouraged people to remain faithful to God and to thoroughly study the Scriptures. David Benham left with just two words to sum up the brother’s life journey. 

“That’s God,” David Benham said.

Luke Randle is the Assistant Feature Editor. Follow him on Twitter at @lukeandrewr.

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