December 6, 2022

Best Sites for Cheap Psychic Readings Online

Seattle, Washington – ( NewMediaWire ) – October 6, 2020 – For centuries, people have relied on psychic readings to understand more about the present and the future. This is because experienced psychics are known to provide valuable insights that answer questions on careers, money, love life, relationships, and even the future.  

Contrary to popular opinion, psychic readings don’t have to cost much. You can easily find an affordable psychic willing to walk with you during your difficult (or good) moments.

But with several scammers masquerading as psychics, finding a true expert can prove to be a daunting task. You should always research about affordable psychic readings, their rates, features, and benefits. 

1. Oranum – Cheapest Psychic Reading Site

– Special Deals:  9.99 Free Credits for Psychic Readings

Despite its slightly clustered web design, Oranum is among the most used online psychic websites. The site covers several topics ranging from numerology to rituals and energy, palm reading, dream interpretation, tarot and cards, sound healing, dream interpretation, and astrology, among others.

Registering on Oranum is free. And the best part is that new clients registering on the site get 9.99 free credits, which can be converted into ten free minutes chatting with an expert of choice.

Services on the site are administered in different languages like French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish, making the cheap phone psychic website ideal for clients in non-English speaking countries.

And to access life and career reading services on Oranum, you’ll need to buy credits which are sold in three main packages, in-depth reading (27.99 credits+1.99 bonus), awakened package (67.99+5.99 bonus), and cosmic package (97.99+7.99 bonus).

The cheapest psychics on the site charge $0.39/ minute, while the costliest will set you back $9.99 a minute. Purchasing the awakened package will allow you to have an in-depth conversation with a psychic of your choice.


– New clients get free credits that can be redeemed for ten minutes

– All psychics have a price cap, which ensures clients aren’t overcharged

– Reaching cheap psychics by phone is easy

– Clients can chat with psychics before using their credits for a free session


– The site is a bit clustered, making it hard for first-timers to navigate

– Purchasing the cheapest credit package can prove costly in the long run

– Psychics on the site don’t go through extensive signup tests

2. Psychic Source – Cheapest Psychic Site for Versatile Communication

– Special Deals: 3 Minute Free Reading

Psychic Source needs little introduction when it comes to psychic readings. Having been in business since 1989, Psychic Source has helped millions of people to understand their life paths, discover their purpose, find love, and establish successful careers.

Some of the psychic readers working on Psychic Source include clairvoyants, mediums, love psychics, tarot card readers, clairaudients, among other experts. These professionals can help in tarot readings, angel card readings, cartomancy, and numerology readings.

Besides its top-shelve psychics, Psychic Source stands out due to the wide variety of communication options. You can choose to have your readings done via phone, chat, and even video.

To entice new clients, the company uses a fair pricing model. Not only do you get  3 free minutes upon signup, but you also get the chance to request a refund in case you’re unsatisfied with the provided readings.

All first-time clients can capitalize on the company’s introductory offer of $1 a minute when registering on the site. That is, if you pay $30, you get approximately 30 minutes with a reader  of your choice. 

Compared to other sites, Psychic Source has a friendly pricing model. All prices depend on the psychic you choose. But most prices range between $4.99/ minute to $15/ minute.


– New Clients get 3 minutes free

– First-time clients call at a rate of $1/ minute

– Clients can communicate through chat, phone, and video


– Isn’t available in many languages

3. Keen – Most Affordable Psychic Readings by Phone or Chat

– Special Deals: 3 Minute Free Reading

Keen Psychics is among the most experienced in the industry, boasting an extensive network of highly-skilled psychics. In regards to site design, very few psychic reading websites compare to Keen’s simplistic and user-friendly site.

You can select from a variety of psychic services ranging from psychic readings, life questions, spiritual readings, tarot reading, and relationships, among tens of other categories.  

Keen’s management maintains that its services aren’t profit-oriented, but inspired by the need to offer honest and reliable psychic services. This explains why Keen has among the friendliest pricing packages in the industry.

The minimum prices for psychics stand at $1.99, which is fair and well below the industry average. It’s not unusual to find experienced clairvoyants and psychic readers offering low rates of $3.49-$4/ minute.

The site also gives its clients free 3 minutes to determine whether a selected psychic is compatible and skilled enough to handle several issues. A 100% satisfaction guarantee allows clients to receive a refund (extra minutes) in case they’re dissatisfied with the services.


– Among the most affordable companies in the business

– Online profiles provide enough expert information for easy decision making

– All psychics must undergo a rigorous test

– Clients get 3 free minutes


– Doesn’t have a specific package for new clients  

– Doesn`t have a free psychic reading chat

4. Kasamba – Cheap Psychic Readings of Highest Quality

– Special Deals: 3 Minute Free Reading

Since its formation in 1999, Kasamba has transformed into one of the most sought after online psychic sites. Through its website, Kasamba claims to have guided and helped over 3 million people in their pursuit of true love, self-empowerment, career success, and happiness.

By specializing in psychic readings, astrology, and tarot readings, Kasamba provides valuable insights to its clientele in search of life’s many answers. And to enhance the quality of its services, Kasamba only works with top psychic advisors who have proven track records.

Prices on Kasamba vary depending on the psychic reader selected. On the home page, the site allows you to sort psychic advisors based on various categories. You can choose to sort by highest rank, highest price, lowest price, less than $7/ min and less than $4 a min.

The costliest reader on the platform charges $30/ min, which is discounted to $25.50/min. If you sort by lowest price, you’ll find newbies and less experienced psychics charging a minimum of $2.99/min, which is discounted to $2.54.  

However, one of Kasamba’s stand out features is the free minutes’ offer. All clients get 3 minutes free with each expert, which allows clients to determine their compatibility with the selected psychic.


– Clients get 3 minutes free of charge

– Boasts some of the most experienced and skilled psychics

– Clients can sort psychics based on several preferences

– Satisfaction guarantee ensures clients are satisfied with the services


– No price cap, which in turn allows some experts to charge expensively 

– Prices tend to go high after registration

5. Ask Now – Best for Cheap and Skilled Psychics

– Special Deals: 5 Free Minutes with Elite/Master Psychics

Ask Now is undoubtedly a leading site when it comes to life, career and relationship readings. The site is well-known for its high recruitment standards, as it only partners with experienced, well-skilled psychics.

The site has three main categories of advisors, top-rated advisors, elite advisors, and master advisors. Top-rated advisors tend to charge from $3.99- $9.99 a minute. Elite advisors charge slightly higher (due to specialization in specific categories), with their rates ranging between $10-$12.99 a minute. Master advisers are the costliest and charge over $13 a minute.

Ask Now has two introductory packages. You can either buy 30 minutes for $30 or 20 minutes for $20. Point to note, though, the discounts last for 30 days after registration.

In addition to the $1 a minute rates on first-time clients, you’ll also get free five minutes with an elite or master psychic on the site.

Similar to most life and career reading sites, the rates tend to vary depending on the charges of individual experts.


– Has different categories of psychics based on experience

– New clients get free 5 minutes with elite and master advisers

– Clients can communicate through call or chat

– Hires proven, well-experienced psychics only


– Highly rated psychics are mostly busy

– The introductory offers have an expiry date

– Clients must add payment details to access the free reading

6. Mystic Sense – Best for Diverse $1 Psychic Readings

– Special Deals: 5 Minute Free Reading

If affordable life and career readings are what you’re after, then you shouldn’t look further than Mystic Sense. The site is known to have some of the most affordable experts, with some even charging as low as 0.99/ minute.

All first-time clients are credited with 5 free (redeemable) minutes. However, clients will need to pay the extra charges in case the readings go beyond 5 minutes.

As one of the cheapest psychic reading sites, Mystic Sense focuses on topics such as astrology, spirituality, career, life direction, psychology, oracle, tarot cards and love life. 

Registering on Mystic Sense is relatively easy, but clients are always encouraged to contact the ever-ready customer support in case of any difficulties in signing up or making payments.  


– Easy to register and contact the best psychic

– Cheap phone psychics on the site provide one of the best readings online

– Active support helps provide clients with necessary site information


– Online psychic advisors don’t undergo rigorous testing

– Psychic readings online via video have received several complaints  

– Psychic reader profiles aren’t detailed enough

7. California Psychics – Best Pricing Package for Cheap Psychic Reading

Although California Psychics doesn’t have as many psychics as the likes of Kasamba, it has highly experienced and trusted experts in its ranks, making it one of the best psychic readings online.  

The highly accurate psychic site has three main pricing packages that are determined by the skill and experience levels of the psychics. The three packages include popular psychic ($1/minute), preferred psychic ($2/minute), and premium psychic ($4/minute). Please note that these rates apply only to first-time clients.

Some of the main topics discussed on the site are astrology, numerology, finance, life path, destiny, and relationships.

The cheapest experts on California Psychics charge $4/ minute, while the more experienced psychics on the site can charge up to $18/ minute.


– Has a simplistic interface that enhances usability

– The pricing package is transparent enough

– Has a fair introductory offer that allows new clients to get affordable phone psychic readings

– Customer care is easily available via call


– Only offers phone readings

– Not as many psychics as other sites

– Doesn’t give free calls or minutes

8. LifeReader – Best Site for Affordable Sign Up Offers

– Special Deals: 4 Free Chat Minutes

LifeReader has one of the friendliest introduction offers in the market. New clients get 50% off and can make calls at a standard rate of $0.19/ min, as indicated on the LifeReader website.

Besides the subsidized call rates, LifeReader also gives its first-time clients 4 free chat minutes with their preferred experts. LifeReader focuses on topics such as tarot readings, relationship advice, mind body spirit, and horoscope readings.

The average rate for psychic conversations or chats is $5/minute, but some psychics charge as low as $3.50 per minute.


– Highly affordable psychic reading online, especially for first-time clients

– Simplistic interface allows for easy navigation

– Detailed phone psychic profiles give clients all the necessary information


– Readers don’t undergo thorough tests

– Doesn’t offer its services in a wide range of languages to suit all people

Are Cheap Psychic Readings Accurate?  

The accuracy of any psychic reading, whether low cost or expensive, depends on the psychic. And while experienced readers tend to have higher rates per minute, they can still provide affordable readings to clients in need. 

Therefore, provided you do your homework and get relevant information on your phone psychic, then you`ll be well placed to hire the best reader for your needs. 

Is $1 Psychic Reading a Scam?

$1 psychic reading isn’t a scam. With several psychic sites emerging to satisfy the ever-increasing client base, it’s only normal for prices of psychic reading online to go down. You’ll find legitimate sites providing discounts and subsidies, especially for first-time clients.

How to Find a Good and Cheap Psychic?

Registering on a trusted psychic reading site means you’re close to finding the ultimate reader. To ensure you’re on the safe side, always check online reviews, especially those from people who registered and used the services.

Registering on a legitimate site doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically talk with an experienced reader. You might have to switch between psychics until you find one that you’re truly comfortable with.

Why Do Psychics Offer Free Minutes or Cheap Readings?

Psychics offer free minutes or cheap readings to attract clients. Genuine online psychic sites offer pocket-friendly readings to provide service to clients as opposed to reaping them off.

On the other hand, discounted minutes are mostly aimed towards helping clients to determine their compatibility with the reader on call. The free minutes protect clients from wasting money talking to incompatible psychics.

Is There a Catch When It Comes to Using Free Psychic Reading Minutes?

Legitimate psychic reading websites try to be as transparent as possible. This means that what you see is what you’ll probably get when you register on sites like Kasamba, Keen, and Oranum. 

But before you register on psychic sites, be sure to check on online reviews to determine their legitimacy.

How Much Do Online Psychic Readings Usually Cost?

There is no fixed price for online psychic readings since each site has its pricing model. However, you’ll find that most sites allow their readers to determine their service rates. 

Some online readings can cost as low as $0.99/minute, while others can set you back up to $30/ minute.  There are also ways to get free psychic readings online too.

Final Word on Affordable Psychic Readings

Having discussed some of the most affordable psychic readings, we’re confident that you’re well-placed to choose one that suits you best. Remember to check on the cost per minute and the services offered before registering on a particular psychic website.

In case you opt to register on a site that offers free minutes, use them wisely to determine if your selected psychic is the best fit. 

We hope you liked our best psychic review and that it’ll help you to choose a site that meets your expectations. Feel free to share the article with friends and family looking for clarity in different areas of their lives.

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