January 30, 2023

Black restaurant week could help some business owners survive

This year’s ‘Black restaurant week’ comes at a time when many business owners are struggling.

Studies show the pandemic disproportionately hurt black-owned small businesses.

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Black restaurant week could be the key to helping business owners survive.

Chef Blake Cressey owns “Tasty Treat” restaurant on North Claiborne.

She says in the midst of her success over the years, nothing would’ve prepared her on how to stay afloat during a pandemic.

“About 41% of Black restaurants went out of business compared to 17% of white restaurants that went out of business,” Cressey said.

She appreciates opportunities like Black restaurant week. It’s a national initiative to highlight black-owned restaurants in 11 different cities.

The co-founder of Black restaurant week, Derek Robinson, said this year it is even more important to shine a light at places like Tasty Treat.

“It’s all about the essential businesses, these cornerstones of our communities to be able to have another fighting chance to keep their doors open,” Robinson said.

New Orleans Black restaurant week is Oct. 2 through Oct. 11.

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