November 26, 2022

Business aviation firms take shine to new specialist training facility – Aviation Services, Dynamic Advanced Training, Business Aviation

One of the world’s most advanced aviation training firms, Dynamic Advanced Training, seems to have struck a chord with business aviation companies since the facility opened in full earlier this year.

Dynamic Advanced Training, base in Dubai South, opened its doors in 2019 but only received certification from the GCAA earlier this year.

While the coronavirus pandemic has prevented the business from hitting full throttle, the company’s unique training programmes and facilities have gone down well with aviation professionals.

James Steward, manager training and learning resources, said: “From comments we have has received, especially from business aviation customers, it is evident that pilots and cabin crew are tired and bored of one-size fits all training, offered by legacy training centres.

“This indicates the conventional approach to aviation safety training is becoming something of the past, and a more realistic, tailored, relevant approach to training is in demand for the future.”

Dynamic has built an entire training business based on hyper realistic training scenarios that can be applied in the real world.

From full flight cabin simulators, themed survival rooms and a special effects wave pool, every detail has been considered to enhance the learning experience and make training as real as possible.

Steward said: “Whilst performing challenging tasks, and even stumbling along the way, participants are benefitting from Dynamic’s informative and interactive approach, a first for corporate aviation and putting participants in the right mindset and environment.

“A unique approach to training has resulted in participant feedback that breaks away from the normal. This includes a training experience that is relatable, fun, close to reality, realistic, and different.”

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