February 8, 2023

Business manager: Shikellamy district financial future looks good | News

SUNBURY — Shikellamy School District administrators gave proposed spending plans to school board members during Tuesday’s work session and most, if not all, departments are within budgets.

Last month, district officials said property owners should be able to look forward to a proposed budget that includes no new tax increase for the 2022-2023 school year.

Directors were informed by Business Manager Brian Manning that the district has worked hard and, thanks to tough decisions by the board, the financial future of Shikellamy looks good.

Last year at this time, Shikellamy faced a deficit that cost taxpayers a 2 mill tax increase.

The total budget is near $51 million with a deficit of $876,688, but both preliminary numbers will change throughout the process of adopting a final budget, Superintendent Jason Bendle said.

During a work session last year, school board members agreed that they would not raise taxes more than 2 mills when they vote on a preliminary budget.

Each department head spoke to the board and presented budgets that saw little to no increase keeping on track for a balanced budget for the upcoming year.

Manning previously said early numbers show the district will not have to raise taxes and Bendle thanked administrators for working hard through the year.

Shikellamy High School Principal Marc Freeman also thanked staff for continuing to operate within the budget.

Directors asked for complete financial figures throughout the district and said they want to be on top of the process until the final budget is passed in June.

The regular meeting of the board will be held April 12 at 7 p.m. inside the district administration building on Packer Island.