January 24, 2022

CarMax completes nationwide roll out of its home delivery and online buying service | Business News

CarMax has completed its national roll out of the chain’s omni-channel car buying experience where customers can buy a car either completely from home, in-store or a combination of both.

The new buying experience enables a customer to buy a used vehicle online and have it delivered to the home, or the person can do part of the car-buying process online before completing the purchase in person at a store.

The Goochland County-based automotive retailer began rolling out its new car-buying service last year.

“When we set out to create the future of car buying, we knew that customers wanted personalized, convenient and on-demand retailer experiences where they can seamlessly navigate between online and in-person, all on their own terms,” Bill Nash, CarMax’s president and CEO, said in a statement.

CarMax said its research found that customers didn’t want to be forced to interact 100% inside of one of its stores or spend 100% of their time online. They wanted a hybrid approach, and thus why CarMax created its omni-channel selling experience.

“CarMax has always stood for empowering the customer and offering an exceptional experience,” Nash said. “I am confident our omni-channel experience, which gives us the largest addressable market within the used-car industry, and our diversified business model will drive profitable sales growth and market share gains for years to come.”

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