March 1, 2021

Central Bucks Grad Opens New Dermatology Practice In Furlong

FURLONG, PA — A Central Bucks graduate has achieved her dreams of opening a Doylestown-area dermatology practice — even during the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Rachel White, who graduated from Central Bucks High School South, recently opened a female-staffed dermatology practice in Furlong. The practice, RW Dermatology, is located on Heritage Center Drive. White is the sole provider and offers medical, surgical, and cosmetic procedures.

White, who attended medical school in Philadelphia and completed her residency in Florida, said she had always dreamed of returning to the Doylestown area to practice. While the timing may have been tricky — in the middle of the pandemic — she said she and her staff have gotten off to a successful start.

There are seven employees, including herself. Of them all but one are female.

“As a female business owner, I think it’s really important to support other women in their careers. I had a lot of mentors who inspired me, and I want to be an inspiration to others,” White said.

The practice, which this month celebrated its grand opening, offers general dermatology for all ages and nationalities. “My dream was to start a practice that takes skin care from A to Z,” she said.

White said she was all ready to open in March when the coronavirus pandemic hit. She delayed the opening to take time to formulate and prepare safety protocols using CDC guidelines and those from the Amercian Academy of Dermatology.

“We navigated it pretty well,” she said.

Upon opening, White said it was critical to gain the trust of patients.

Now, patients are slowly becoming more comfortable with coming out and getting their much-needed skin checks, she said. “It’s been challenging,” but, she notes, it’s all she knows. “I was never a business owner pre-COVID,” she explained. “I started once everyone was adjusting.”

She said she hopes the practice is a comfortable, inviting place where people can come to feel good about their skin “because it’s your armor to the rest of the world.”

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