October 25, 2021

Central Florida 100: Evictions, debate and voter-registration deadlines

Dick Batchelor, president, Dick Batchelor Management Group

Last week: RACE-BAITING: In 1863, George Wallace, as a candidate for president, gave an ominous racist proclamation: “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Then came the Civil Rights Act followed by the Voting Rights Act. Today, we hear remnants of race-baiting. Instead of disclaiming and condemning the Proud Boys during the first debate with Vice President Biden, the president told them to “stand by.” Mr. President, just say: I don’t support the Proud Boys, white supremacists or any of their violent protests. Biden did condemn these George Wallace “wannabes.” You didn’t. It’s not 1963. It’s a new era and your voice needs to be heard.

Looking ahead: BARRETT’S VIEWS, NOT CREDENTIALS: Some advice for the Senate Democrats going forward with the Supreme Court nominee: Admit that Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a Notre Dame graduate, is well-credentialed. However, focus on her positions on Roe v. Wade, gay marriage, the Affordable Care Act and the Citizens United case, issues that supersede her credentials. The voters need to understand her positions. Is she a strict constructionist or does she believe that the Constitution is a living document? It has been said that the truth needs no defense. Then let’s hear the truth as it regards these matters. Then let the people decide.Its not about her credentials. It’s about her positions on our constitutional values.

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