June 28, 2022

Change 4 Growth, Global Consulting Firm, Accelerates During Pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Change 4 Growth has had the “pedal to the metal,” developing two new innovative offerings to answer clients’ needs: a digital transformation change platform and an executive advisory program.

Their digital platform, appropriately named ATLAS™ simplifies and streamlines the day-to-day activities of change management, while providing the executive oversight and visibility executives dream about. All change management tools and templates required for any project are digitized and integrated so executives can view their organization’s change readiness and status real time.   

“One thing we know from this pandemic is that change can happen instantly and rock our world.  We also know change will be constant and managing constant change is the new way of doing business. We’ve reacted to our clients’ needs by digitizing and integrating our Organizational Change Management (OCM) toolkit to help organizations get through their changes faster and smarter than ever before. The ATLAS™ robust reporting and dashboarding allows clients to truly manage change efforts in a way that ensures adoption and speed to market.  ATLAS™ is a game changer.  If you’re going through change, you need ATLAS™,” notes Beth Thomas, Chairwoman and CEO of Change 4 Growth.  “While ATLAS™ incorporates our patented Change Capable model, it can digitally manage any change methodology an organization uses for projects. ATLAS™ will also help an organization increase its competency around change resilience and manage ANY change.”

COACH FOR SUCCESS is a dream team consortium of industry executives who provide advisement, consulting and coaching for individual or business success. These advisors have been extremely successful as top-level leaders across dozens of industries and specializations. They’ll come alongside an individual or company to help accelerate growth and sustainability in both business and personal growth.

“With the speed of change and urgency to ‘get it right’ businesses face today, we know COACH FOR SUCCESS is what businesses require. This is a one stop shop for any type of executive advisor, coach or consultant needed! We’re fortunate to bring together an exceptional group of industry leaders to serve as Executive Advisors to individuals and organizations. By leveraging their professional expertise and experience they will help drive an organization’s results and returns.” said Thomas. “It’s like adding a turbo charger to your personal or corporate engine. You’re going to get where you want to go a lot faster with a lot less grind.”

Change 4 Growth is a business and transformation consultancy working across a range of industries and organizations in the U.S. and internationally, with its European headquarters in London. Change 4 Growth’s expertise resides in 5 key areas – Transformational/Organizational Change Management and Business Readiness; Leadership Development/Executive Coaching; Training/E-learning Development; Employee Engagement/Culture Alignment; and Project Delivery.  Beth Thomas, Chairwoman and CEO of C4G, is a best-selling author, thought leader in Transformational Change, nationally known global speaker, and well-respected leader of people. For more information, contact [email protected].



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