June 21, 2021

Count votes before talking about Colorado high school football, Gov. Polis

Thank you, Denver Nuggets.

Up until Friday night’s season-saving comeback from 16 points down against the Los Angeles Clippers, there wasn’t a whole lot of sunshine this week in the world of Colorado sports. (Actually, there was snow.)

From the “As the World Turns” daytime drama surrounding the fate of Colorado high school football, to Von Miller’s potentially season-ending tendon injury, to the Rockies’ persistent nosedive —  we needed that, Nuggs.

We needed that bad.

Gov. Jared Polis — D+

Once upon a time, we expected our politicians to think before they spoke. That’s apparently too much to ask these days.

In what essentially amounted to one big 24-hour tease, Polis floated the possibility Tuesday of Colorado high school football returning this fall — then watched as CHSAA’s governing board unanimously voted down the idea less than 24 hours later.

A few days after that? Fall football was back on the table, with CHSAA Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green meeting with the governor’s office to talk about variances for certain sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Colorado’s high school athletes don’t deserve to get yanked around like this. Nor do their parents or coaches.

Heck, even CHSAA was a victim here, as it was forced to say no to fall prep football for the second time in two months because state leaders can’t get their ducks in a row.

It leaves the staff here at Grading the Week wondering:

Did the governor talk to anyone before declaring Tuesday that fall football could be a thing in 2020? Or did he follow the lead of our Tweeter in Chief and throw an idea out into the world without even considering the consequences?

Michael Porter Jr. — A

Speaking of foot-in-mouth moments… How about everybody’s favorite Nuggets wunderkind?

Say what you will about MPJ’s lack of tact, he sure makes for great copy. And we here at the Grading the Week offices encourage him to voice his opinion whenever he feels the urge.

Throw a stink bomb into the Nuggets locker room after a Game 4 loss to the Clippers? We can get behind that.

“I mean, that’s really up to the play calls, that’s really up to the coaches, who they want to put the ball in whose hands,” Porter said when asked about a lack of shots for himself in the second half. “We kept going to (Nikola) Jokic and (Jamal Murray), and they’re two amazing players, you can never get mad at that. But I just think to beat that team, we gotta get more players involved.”

A couple things: 1) With the Nuggets scuffling for offense vs. the Clippers, it was probably a good idea to shake things up. 2) As true as it might be, for the sake of team harmony, it’s also probably an opinion best shared with teammates and coaches — not a media Zoom call.

But, hey, we welcome it with open arms. Speak your mind, MPJ. We’re listening.

Especially if you’re going to bury that 3 at the end of Game 5.

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