August 18, 2022

‘Dell Rapids Small Business Week’ aims to encourage people to support local

DELL RAPIDS, S.D. (KELO) — Businesses big and small are being affected by the pandemic. While supporting your local businesses, can be a good way to keep your community thriving…. it’s challenging this year as more people choose to stay home.

Katie Wilson is the owner of The Mason Jar in Dell Rapids, she says throughout the pandemic, her online sales have been doing well, however it’s been a different case at her storefront.

“We have an Arizona storefront and here in Dells, they’ve really slowed down, foot traffic I would say has been cut in half and we are so lucky that we have our online store because if not we would definitely be in trouble like so many small businesses are,” owner of The Mason Jar, Katie Wilson said.

The chamber of commerce is celebrating ‘Dell Rapids Small Business Week,’ to encourage people to shop at small businesses.

“It has a list of different ways to win gift cards and all sorts of stuff, they’re just trying to get people out here to support our local, small businesses, especially during COVID,” Wilson said.

Over at LaDelle and Fourth Coffeehouse owner Aaron Delgado says it’s nice to see support from the community during these unprecedented times.

“It’s really nice to see the community pulling together, it’s been amazing, the fact that we can go through something like this and people are right there beside you doing the best they can to help you out as much as you are trying to help them out, keeping the economy here and local in Dell Rapids moving has been phenomenal,” owner of LaDelle and Fourth Coffeehouse, Aaron Delgado said.

Wilson says while she is thankful for her online sales, she encourages people to continue to support small businesses.

“I think just remembering to frequent your local, small businesses and remember that the money you put into your local economy, it stays here, unlike Amazon and those bigger box stores, so if you buy local, it’s going to stay local,” Wilson said.

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