December 6, 2022

Drive-through Halloween experience during pandemic

A haunted drive-thru experience in Splendora promises to give people a COVID-free scare.

SPLENDORA, Texas — The spirit of Halloween is upon many of us and a local haunted experience called the Haunted Drive is offering a spooky scare all while keeping people safe.

“You are sitting in the comfort of your car and don’t have to worry about any social distancing in line,” Gary Rymer says of the experience.

The haunted drive-thru is located in Splendora, off of FM 2090. Rymer started the business with his wife Monica and his friends Matt and Laura Hall three years ago.

“We were, like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if people just drove through (and) we jumped out and scared them?’ We just kind of went from there,” Rymer said.

And in a time where drive-thru parties have become the norm, experts said this might be the way to go because doctors don’t recommend visiting haunted houses this Halloween.

“You are going to be close to a lot of people. It’s probably one of the situations people worry about being a super spreader environment and it’s easier to spread COVID-19,” said Dr. Michael Chang with UT Physicians/UT Health. 

Even the yelling inside a haunted house can be a problem.

“And then you are going to have people screaming or yelling. We know that those loud kind of vocalizations are potential waves that you can spread the virus,” Chang said.

The hunters at the Haunted Drive have to stay at least two arm lengths from the vehicle. But creators of this 1/3 mile long experience still promise a spooky time.

“You’re kind of trapped inside your vehicle. There is nowhere to go. You can’t just run away,” Rymer said.

The producers have been prepping for four months. They hope this gives families in the area a new safe way to experience the spirit of Halloween.

The drive-thru costs $20 per vehicle. For more details check out the link below.

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