August 15, 2022

Easy Card Designer Announces Turnkey Business Card Management Portals for Resellers

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — All of the former headaches of fulfilling Business Card orders could be going away for resellers. Easy Card Designer’s new offering takes away all of the heavy lifting associated with business card orders. This includes setting up high-end private branded custom ordering portals, handling all the customer service calls, and even the billing. Now Resellers can collect their mark-ups on Business Cards and focus on more important less time-consuming aspects of their businesses.

Big changes are occurring in the print industry, leading the way in this arena is Easy Card Designer, a division of Color Card Administrator (CCA). CCA has been in business since 2002 using its own proprietary software to provide business cards for clients. Now, for the first time, the company is offering to take care of all aspects of the business card operations for resellers. These operations include setting up private branded high-end ordering portals, printing the business cards, shipping, handling all the customer service calls, and billing. Remarkably, resellers will do nothing more than collect their markups on their business card orders.

“We are the first and only company offering this kind of service to resellers,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “This is a true turnkey opportunity in every way. We cover it all including things like billing and customer service. Resellers can now direct their focus and energy on sales exclusively.”

Easy Card Designer makes it clear that they are offering a completely turnkey process from start to finish. All resellers need to do now is establish relationships with the end customer. After that Easy Card Designer does the rest. This gives its resellers the chance to focus on other aspects of their business.

Reseller’s reviews have been positive during their beta testing:

Louise, recently said in an email to the company, “Boy you guys are the BEST! We are really happy with your service. I’m glad to have finally found a company that will handle business cards for us from start to finish. Now we can compete with the big guys online and we can spend our time on more important aspects of our business.”

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About Easy Card Designer

Easy Card Designer is a division of Color Card Administrator Corp., (CCA). CCA builds proprietary business card ordering websites and solutions. Their proprietary software has been continually developed and enhanced since 2002 to satisfy very sophisticated solution requests.

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