September 25, 2022

First Class BA passengers slam “disgraceful” sandwiches

Sandwich and bag
Rafal shared a photos of the “greasy” bag his food arrived in. (Image: Rafal Smaszcz)

BRITISH Airways (BA) passengers have been left fuming after forking out thousands of pounds for first and business class tickets, only to be served “disappointing” sandwiches for their inflight meals.

Disgruntled customers say the airline blamed new Covid-19 regulations for the “embarrassing” snacks, which they believe are the result of “cost cutting”.

Among those to complain was Rafal Smaszcz, 42, who flew from London Heathrow to Frankfurt on a £520 flight on 18 September.

He shared a photo of his “greasy” sandwich served in a crumpled paper bag on Twitter and said: “We all know about Covid and certain restrictions, but if you charge for business class ticket same as before lockdown do you really think that this can be acceptable to serve as a business class meal?”

Chicken sandwich
Rafal says he was “embarrassed” for crew. (Image: Rafal Smaszcz)

Speaking today, he added: “I was in disbelief. Honestly, a sandwich bought on Ryanair flight of the trolley looks better.

“The brown bag was tatty and with oily stains and the sandwich looked like it was squashed.

“I understand that Coronavirus puts certain limitations on food operation but this is taking advantage yet charging standard business class prices.”

Stewart Cunningham from Aberdeen had a similar complaint after shelling out £420 for his London to Warsaw flight last Friday.

Chicken sandwich BA flight
Stewart Cunningham says BA staff weren’t entirely sure what they were serving. (Image: Stewart Cunningham)

He shared a similar photo of his “below standard” chicken sandwich and complained to the airline.

Speaking today, the 35-year-old said: “I thought it was quite frankly embarrassing for the crew to have to serve a sandwich which came in a brown bag covered in the grease.

“Their aim to protect passengers against COVID is laudable and their aircraft are much cleaner.

“However, when you see the cabin crew prepare hot meals for the pilots served on proper plates with proper cutlery, it does make you wonder why, if a full service is fine for flight crew, it isn’t for paying passengers.”

Joe Schofield also shared images showing his meal during a business class flight on Sunday [27 Sep], claiming it consisted of: “Two slices of white Kingsmill, decent wedge of pilgrims choice and some Branston pickle.”

twitter complaint
Several passengers took their complaints public.

He shared the sad-looking sandwich and wrote on Twitter: “The lunch served on the British Airways business class flights these days is truly a thing to marvel at.”

Meanwhile Tim Martz, whose First Class flight from Split, Croatia to Los Angeles cost around £5800, blasted the onboard food service as “pathetic”.

He shared photos of the “disgraceful” sandwich he was served on the first short leg of his journey on 19 September, along with another hot meal he was given for his long haul flight.

However, Tim, who had to bring his own “DIY” plate onboard, said BA’s offerings do not hold up to other airlines’ first and business class menus.

He shared photos showing the inflight meal on a recent business class journey with Lufthansa, showing how it was served complete with crisp white tablecloth and silver cutlery.

BA boxed inflight meal
Tim Martz says a boxed meal just “isn’t very first class”. (Image: Tim Marz)

The succulent steak on a bed of creamy mash and asparagus is a far cry from the boxed sandwich he received.

Speaking today, executive Tim said: “A boxed meal is not very First Class let alone Business Class. And plastic utensils, paper napkins, plastic cups? Pathetic cheap champagne and even cheaper wine usually served in Business, even Economy.

“It’s just an excuse to cut costs. What’s worse is the BA lies and claims that the cuts are all due to Covid health restrictions. B*******. Most other airlines have not gone the disgraceful BA route.

“Lufthansa, Swiss and Air France continue to offer stellar inflight First Class service, meals, wine and drink.”

Lufthansa first class meal
Tim was given the sandwich during the shorter leg of his journey but also shared photos from a recent long haul flight with Lufthansa as a comparison. (Image: Tim Martz)

British Airways refuted claims that it was attempting to cut costs.

A BA spokesman said: “We have introduced a temporary catering proposition. Customers travelling to a long haul destination will be offered pre-prepared meal boxes including dishes such as a salad, hot entrée or sandwich, served with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Snacks will also be available between meals.

“Customers travelling to a short haul destination in our business class cabin, Club Europe, will also be offered a pre-prepared meal, such as salad or sandwich with a selection of beverages.

“Those customers travelling in our economy cabin, Euro Traveller, will be offered a complimentary snack and a bottle of water.

“As we navigate our way through these unprecedented times, we will continue to take advice from relevant authorities and incorporate this into the development of our on board experience.”

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