August 8, 2022

Founder of Richmond-based consulting company Impact Makers returns as CEO | Business News

Pirron’s departure in 2018 ultimately led to a lawsuit in which Pirron charged that he had been unfairly pushed out of a leadership role and that a governance change made by the company’s then-board of directors would jeopardize Impact Makers’ philanthropic mission.

The lawsuit was settled in June 2019, reversing the board’s governance decision and restoring Pirron as a permanent director for a holding company responsible for protecting the philanthropic mission.

Pirron said Thursday that the current board’s decision to hire him as CEO “has nothing to do with anything in the past.”

“I am totally excited about where we are right now,” he said.

“I have some big shoes to fill,” he said. “The prior executive team has done a fabulous job of building our current capabilities and new capabilities and service offerings.”

“The board wants to be able to scale that, build the pie, and tie that closely to our mission and model, and that is why we are making the change,” he said.

The company made no official announcement on Thursday about any other changes in executive leadership, and Pirron said he could not comment on that at this time.

Impact Makers previously said it had grown to have about $20 million in revenue for 2018. Pirron said Thursday that the company is not disclosing its revenue at this time, though he described the business as “healthy.”

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