February 7, 2023

Gianforte has proven business experience | Letters

Despite not being the candidate, I supported in the primary, Greg Gianforte has my complete support to become our next governor in 2020.

His proven business experience is critical in restarting the Montana economy in the wake of the horrific shutdown imposed by the Bullock/Cooney regime.

Greg’s the only candidate with actual experience in building businesses and creating jobs. His opponent has spent his career on the government dole.

To guide us through the wreckage of the shutdown of the Montana economy, which put 150,000 Montanans out of work, Greg has put forward a detailed plan for Montana’s comeback.

Greg has clearly stated that he will hold state spending at current levels, oppose a sales tax (which his opponent first promoted in 2004), cut income tax rates for all Montana taxpayers and fund those in law enforcement who protect and defend us.

At this critical time in our state, we don’t need more taxes and bigger government – which are the hallmark of Cooney’s policies and proposals. We need the guidance and experience of proven leader and that leader is Greg Gianforte.

Join me in electing the right man at the right time for Montana – vote for Greg Gianforte. 

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