August 17, 2022

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HYDERABAD:  Going digital might have been just an option for businesses some six months ago, but the Covid-19 pandemic has now made it a necessity. A Hyderabad-based company is helping companies embrace digital transformation at a faster pace. JugularSocial has been in the business for a decade now, helping companies from all sectors like healthcare, real estate, and education make themselves more visible in the virtual world.

Speaking to Express, Ashwin Sivakumar, the company’s co-founder, said: “The pandemic has brought a sense of urgency in companies to go digital. The best examples are hospitals that did not expect that online consultations would become the norm in a span of six months.

I think we have seen more digital transformation in the last few months than what happened in four years.” Explaining how they help traditional businesses shift online, Ashwin said: “We help them create compelling digital brand identities by conceiving and building world-class websites, digital platforms and visual digital brand identities for social media.” The company also helps in increasing web traffic and generate leads through search engine optimization, paid search, and media plans.

It has been recognized as a greenlight company with Exceptional Potential’ by UK Trade & Investment Agency (UKTI) and is a part of the UKTI Global Entrepreneur Programme. ”Small businesses usually use aggregator platforms to get listed and reach out to customers online. But it has its own drawbacks where they have to follow really competitive pricing to beat the competition. We help companies like these build their own identities online as customers value brands. We explore online advertising channels and also partner with product leaders in the market,” said Ashwin,

—   Kakoli Mukherjee  @kakoliMukherje2

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