September 23, 2021

Hire Better Employees Online And Make The Most Of Their Abilities

As someone who’s in charge of hiring people, you’ve already made good and bad, as well as difficult and easy decisions. And it’s perfectly fine. After all, it’s a very complicated and challenging process and requires more than just reviewing piles of resumés and conducting interviews.

Nonetheless, the truth remains — hire the wrong employee and watch your company waste resources and time, but hire the right ones and watch them thrive along with your company, paying you back with productivity, forward-thinking planning, and of course, achieving company goals. 

We understand that the process can be tricky. So we’ve compiled some of the top, proven tips so you can find the right people for the right job, and not just fill up positions. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Write a Compelling Job Description

First things first, create a job description for the role that you are trying to fill. Remember, good job listings go above and beyond than just list down employee requirements and possibilities. They also tell a story about the company, as well as a glimpse of what a future with it looks like. As such, here are rules to follow when writing one:

  • Write realistically, and avoid any jargon or buzzwords, unless it’s in the nature of your company. In any case, make sure the personality fits the job.
  • Write a detailed summary of the responsibilities that employees should expect. Be clear about the more important ones.
  • Use a job title that is clear and isn’t ambiguous.
  • Write about the company’s goals and mission, as it communicates that both of you will be working towards a future.
  • Don’t make it too long, 700-1,000 words should be enough.
  • Specify the salary range.

Additionally, understanding how your candidate’s aspirations would fit the job and the company’s future will also help you find people that will align with your company.

work 2 The first step to finding the right person is writing a job listing that will set expectations for the position. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

2. Find the Right Job Board to Post Your Listing

Now that you’re done creating a high-quality job description, it’s time to set sail and look for the right job boards to place them on.

Remember, finding the right place to post a listing is just as important as writing one, so make sure you post in all the appropriate places with still a wide reach. For our money, we’d recommend trying out the job marketplace ZipRecruiter.

Starting back in 2010 as an online tool to help small businesses distribute job offerings affordably, ZipRecruiter has since grown into the massive online employment marketplace today, helping over 1.8 million businesses of all sizes (including SMBs and Fortune 500 companies) find the right candidates to fill their company roles.

ziprecruiter 1 ZipRecruiter is an online job marketplace that uses AI to match you with the best candidates for your listing. Photo:

As a tool, ZipRecruiter works by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered smart matching technology to actively connect millions of employers with job seekers that would perfectly fit their company.

Seeing as over 25 million job seekers come to the site on a monthly basis, it’s not crazy to think that a good number of them are just what you’re looking for, so take advantage of it by signing up for a free account and starting your search.

Made with both the employee and employer in mind, posting a job on the site is easy. After signing up, you simply use your job description (or write one using their own customizable templates) to post a listing, ZipRecruiter will then send it out to 100+ top job sites. From there, ZipRecruiter’s AI technology uses matching technology to find potential candidates with the right experience, skills and education for the job, inviting them over to apply to your company.

ziprecruiter 2 Some of the features that ZipRecruiter offers to companies that post job listings, all of which are made to help you filter out only the best of the best. Photo:

ZipRecruiter’s invite to apply button can also be used to encourage candidates by automatically sending either personal or pre-written messages. This way, you can receive great candidates that you can then sort, review, or rate using the dashboard. The AI can use these ratings to send you ones that are similar in case you haven’t found one yet.

ZipRecruiter also includes a few more features to help make your search better, including screening questions, and the ability to hire on the go using the mobile-friendly app. Premier customer support is also provided to make sure you’re always on the right track.

ziprecruiter 3 Here are the plans that ZipRecruiter offers, along with the features. Photo:

Currently, ZipRecruiter offers three plans for employers, including standard, premium, and enterprise. Learn more about it here.

3. Take Your Time

Make sure to take your time, and pace yourself. You are, after all, looking for people that will cost you resources and time, so better make it worth it. And while platforms like ZipRecruiter is sure to give you top candidates, you still need to make some additional effort in gauging whether those people are a good fit for your company for the foreseeable future. 

It can be easy (and tempting) to fill out those positions asap, but know that patiently waiting for the right person will always pay off. 

4. Create an Attractive Workplace Culture

Now that you’ve found top candidates for the position, it’s time to cultivate an attractive workplace. The point of this is to build a reputation and brand for providing worker satisfaction, which can entice new candidates as well as it can boost the morale of your current employees:

  • Offer a package that is inclusive with benefits.
  • Incorporate a friendly office setup.
  • Embrace digital trends, as people want companies that embrace the new and unfamiliar.
  • Include useful workplace amenities. Some common ones include good food, coffee, gyms, spaces for recreation, and even video game rooms.
  • Offer paid time off.
  • Invest in only the best technology for your employees.
  • Craft a brand that you and your team can be proud of.

work 3 Creating an engaging workplace environment can help you attract all sorts of candidates, as well as create a good reputation for your company. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

5. Constantly Put Them in Challenging Situations

In these changing times, the standard interview process isn’t always enough to fully gauge a candidate. You amy need to do more, and that can mean introducing your potential hire to workplace situations to see how they’d react. 

You can do this by picking a problem your business is currently handling that’s relevant to the role they’re applying for, and try to solve it with them. This should give you a good look at their process, teamwork style and work ethic. 

You’ll be able to not only get an opportunity to see how a candidate will react in certain situations, but also get feedback from your teammates that spent time with them. Hiring isn’t a one-man process, after all.

6. Reverse the Roles

Make sure you hire someone that you would work for if the roles are reversed. Find people that you will be comfortable working under. Ask yourself this question, and if you answer yes, then that person would make a good addition to your team.

work 4 Hiring is a tiring and thorough process, so make sure that you take your time doing it. Photo: photo by Pixabay (CC0)

So there you go, now that we’ve given you the tips to finding the right person to hire, you are now more than ready to start the process yourself. Now don’t get us wrong, the process will be difficult, but follow these tips and we guarantee that the next person that walks into your office for a position will be someone you’d love to keep.

Good luck!

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