June 28, 2022

ICAC: Daryl Maguire admits role in cash-for-visa scheme

Former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire has admitted he accepted cash deliveries to his parliamentary office relating to a visa scheme for Chinese nationals.

The former lover of the NSW Premier has made a series of stunning admissions in front of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, agreeing he ran a private business from his parliamentary office, received cash for his role in a visa scheme, and promised clients access to high levels of Government.

Mr Maguire appeared in front of ICAC on Wednesday, two days after Gladys Berejiklian sensationally revealed she had been in a close personal relationship with Mr Maguire for five years, starting in 2015.

Mr Maguire agreed on Wednesday he acted as a shadow director in a company that profited from selling access to the highest levels of the NSW Government.

media_cameraGladys Berejiklian has been under intense pressure since revealing on Monday she was in a years-long relationship with former MP Daryl Maguire. (Photo by Sam Mooy/Getty Images)

The company, G8way International, would charge a fee, sometimes as high as $20,000, for facilitating a scheme where a student would be put on the books of a Wagga business as a skilled worker for three months, the ICAC has heard.

Maggie Wang, a woman involved in the scheme who has previously faced ICAC, would a quarter and deliver the remaining $15,000 to Mr Maguire’s office at Parliament in Sydney.

Quizzing Mr Maguire over his association with G8way International, the counsel assisting the inquiry, Scott Robertson, asked: “Do you agree that on more than one occasion, you received deliveries in your Parliament House office of thousands of dollars in cash associated with a scheme involving the obtaining of Australian visas for Chinese nationals?”

Mr Maguire replied: “Yes.”

Asked if he sought to avoid having those payments “on the books” to conceal his involvement in the company, Mr Maguire answered: “Yes.”

Mr Robertson also asked: “Do you agree one of the things that G8way International sought to sell as part of that networking aspect that you referred to before was access to the highest levels of government?”

“Not initially.”

“But ultimately?”

“I think ultimately, yes.”

“Do you agree one of the things that Gateway International at least promoted was the suggestion that they had access to the highest levels of government?”

“At some point, yes.”

media_cameraDaryl Maguire, top right corner, gave evidence before ICAC on Wednesday.

At the start of the hearing, Mr Maguire was grilled on whether he understood his responsibilities under the Ministerial Code of Conduct.

More to come.

Originally published as Berejiklian‘s lover drops bombshell

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