January 22, 2021

KKL-JNF leaders outline organization’s strategy

Speaking at this year’s Jerusalem Post Annual Conference, three KKL-JNF leaders outlined the scope and significance of the organization’s activities in brief remarks.Karin Bolton-Laor, head of international relations at KKL-JNF, described its activities in the international sphere. Forty KKL-JNF offices around the world deal with fund-raising, education and community-building. These offices raise money and awareness for projects in forestry, water, combating desertification, research, eco-tourism, strengthening the periphery and informal education. In addition, KKL-JNF, as the acting forest service and development authority of Israel, participates in UN forums and committees, as well as European consortia. KKL-JNF has international cooperation initiatives worldwide: In Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.Anat Gold, director of the planning division at KKL-JNF, provided factual information on the scope of its activities. KKL-JNF has developed 1.5 million km. of forests, planted more than 230 million trees, built 1,200 picnic areas and planned 6000 km. of mountain bike trails. Two important KKL-JNF goals are developing plans to combat climate change, and the “Israel 2040” plan, which will add 1,500,000 new residents to the Galilee and the Negev.Dr. Dan Merom, faculty member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem business school and the chief strategist of “Israel 2040,” described the dream of making Israel’s periphery a driver for development and growth by expanding the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem beyond Tel Aviv to the North and South of the country. Merom reported that the plan has already achieved several milestones in its development, and has ambitious plans for the future. He invited viewers to visit the project’s website at KKL2040.org.il to learn more about the project.

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