October 4, 2022

Linda Hayles launches The 1st Hispanic Woman Owned Personal and Business Development Firm – Press Release

Unlimited Success Consulting Worldwide dba Transform With Linda.

“I help results-driven women entrepreneurs get clients, make profits and make an impact in the world with their service based businesses. Women come to me when they want to master the art of sales and quickly grow their income to 6 figures and beyond. My mission is to help women make their own money and as much of it as they want because when women have their own money they break generational cycles, they change the world and they live the extraordinary lives they imagined as little girls.” – Linda Hayles, High Performance Sales & Business Coach

Linda’s personal and business development company, Unlimited Success Consulting Worldwide, provides more than coaching in these areas. It’s a movement where women get to change the world through business.

Business growth & transformational mindset is the name of the game and women become empowered with the resources and strategies to take the their lives and businesses to the next level. Settling, mediocrity, imposter syndrome, people pleasing and low confidence will be a thing of the past.

Linda knows about obstacles. Being a Hispanic stay at home mom, she wasn’t financially ready for divorce. When her divorce from an emotional and physical abusive man in uniform landed her as a single mom with zero dollars to her name, her car repossessed, and her credit score shot, she decided to start her own business.

Divorce is the #1 reason for women living in poverty in the US. Women can rise above it but not without a mindset for high performance. And this is essential to attain higher levels of success.

Linda says, “If I went from homeless, single Hispanic mom, with a GED at the age of 36 to graduating college with a Psychology degree at 40, becoming an International TEDx Speaker, a published author, entrepreneur and high performance coach, you too can rise above it and intentionally create the dream life you want to live. In one word what I get my clients is RESULTS.”

About Linda Hayles, CEO – Unlimited Success Consulting Worldwide

Linda is a renowned high performance sales & business coach, translator (English/Spanish), TEDx Speaker and author. She knows firsthand that money gives you choices and since she cracked the code for herself she has helped countless other women entrepreneurs compress time and make 6 figures in their businesses fast, some in as little as 90 days.

When she’s not changing lives, facilitating a seminar or doing consulting work, she can be found posting car karaoke videos on her social media stories or working out.

You can get a copy of Linda’s book on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3chLpuG

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Phone: 4074328033
Country: United States
Website: www.lindahayles.com

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