August 11, 2022

MIT moves Sloan business school classes online after reports of student gatherings in public parks amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s business school is expected to temporarily move its classes online after reports of student gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Graduate students from the Cambridge University’s Sloan School of Management had reportedly gathered in public parks, WHDH reported.

There are no known COVID-19 cases linked to the gatherings, and MIT has reported no positive among students and staff since Monday, according to the news outlet.

David Schmittlein, the dean of Sloan, opted to hold classes remotely through Tuesday as a precautionary measure because of the gatherings, a university spokesperson told WHDH.

The transition to fully remote classes is expected to allow students to undergo two rounds of testing for the viral respiratory infection, the news outlet reported.

In the meantime, MIT Sloan senior faculty deans have organized virtual conversations with students to reinforce expected behaviors during the ongoing public health crisis, according to WHDH.

“Our internal discipline processes have been engaged, and we continue to gather facts,” the university told The Boston Globe.

According to the newspaper, most MIT students are already studying online, and a majority of staff members are working from home, as campus access is limited.

In July, the university announced that only senior undergraduate students would be invited back for the fall semester. The school intends to open campus for all students in the spring.

Since August, more than 50,000 coronavirus tests have been administered to members of the MIT campus community. Out of those tens of thousands of tests, only 24 have come back positive, according to the school’s online COVID-19 dashboard.

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