December 3, 2022

Mnuchin coronavirus relief plan includes more state, local funds

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin offered a $1.62 trillion COVID-19 relief proposal in talks with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday, offering more state and local assistance than GOP negotiators have to date in a sign of potential progress toward a deal.

A person briefed on Mnuchin’s plan said it included $250 billion for state and local governments, which is $186 billion less than Democrats want in their latest $2.2 trillion package, but $100 billion more than the White House offered in talks that broke down over the summer.

On unemployment insurance, Mnuchin proposed a $400 per week federal benefit, retroactive to Sept. 12 and lasting through Jan. 1, 2021, according to the source, who described the package on condition of anonymity. That’s less than the $600 a week Democrats want, but $100 more than Senate Republicans have proposed.

Mnuchin presented his offer to Pelosi at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon during a 90-minute meeting; the discussion broke up without a deal, but the two principals agreed to continue negotiations Thursday.

A few hours later Democratic leaders announced they would delay voting on their $2.2 trillion bill until at least Thursday, pending the status of talks that day.

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