September 23, 2021

Nina Turner starts Ohio-based consulting firm focused on liberal issues

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Former state Sen. Nina Turner announced Tuesday she is forming an Ohio-based public affairs firm to provide guidance for candidates, grassroots organizations and businesses wanting to implement liberal values and policies.

Turner, a Democrat who served as co-chair of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, said she is launching Amare Public Affairs, currently based in Cleveland, to assist candidates, grassroots campaigns and businesses on liberal values and movements. Marvin Hayes, who worked with Turner in Cleveland Mayor Michael White’s administration and as an adviser to Sanders’ campaign, will serve as director of the firm.

“We are living in a time when people, especially millennials and Generation Z, are demanding socially conscious solutions from governments and corporations,” Turner said in a statement. “We can build a better country and a more just society by engaging with each other in a meaningful way on the root causes of societal problems. That starts with ensuring our voice is heard from the streets of our forgotten cities to the roads of rural communities to Main Street America, and finally, to the halls of power in the public and private sectors.”

Turner served on Cleveland City Council from 2006 to 2008 when she was appointed to the Ohio Senate. She won re-election twice, including a stint as minority whip. She unsuccessfully challenged Republican then-Secretary of State Jon Husted in 2014.

In 2016, she became one of Sanders’ most high-profile surrogates and her future political career – including speculation she may run for mayor – has been tied to Sanders’ movement ever since. In 2017, she became the president of Our Revolution, the political action committee aligned with Sanders.

In an interview, Turner said she hoped to apply her experience in the public and nonprofit sectors to anyone looking for assistance with implementing liberal values.

“In terms of what the company or my venture is trying to do is just really make sure we bring in concerns of the Black community, communities of color, marginalized voices across society and show any individual entity that is interested in doing business a different way,” Turner said. “We want to raise the public consciousness.”

“If someone has been doing wrong by the environment, by Black people, by poor people and all of a sudden they have an epiphany and they want to do it a new way, call us up,” Turner added.

Turner said her base of operation will be Cleveland, though she hoped to have clients nationwide.

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