September 17, 2021

Now You Can Drive Business Class With Flux

a car parked in a parking lot: Now You Can Drive Business Class With Flux

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Now You Can Drive Business Class With Flux

The best car in the world is a car that isn’t yours. The second-best car in the world is a rental car. The third best…? Logic dictates it should be a company car. Work perks don’t get any better than a company car and if you’re high enough up the corporate ladder, you’ll get one.

There are quite a few methods companies go about making company cars available for its bigwigs. They can outright buy the car and give it to the execs, rent it for the exec or even provide a monthly car allowance that’s up to the exec’s discretion to be utilised.

For example, the last bit can either be put towards topping up the exec’s own monthly installments to purchase a better car or fund the operational costs such as petrol and maintenance.

Keep in mind that last bit as the cars themselves still need to be serviced and maintained. Not all work perks cover that.

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We’ve covered Flux before here; the county’s first all-encompassing vehicle leasing programme that comprises multiple makes. From servicing individuals, they’ve now opened the doors to their Flux Business Class deck with corporate packages for companies.

Apart from the cars itself, when companies buy cars through a loan, it erodes credit resources and requires a downpayment; upfront costs that reduces the corporate piggybank. Traditional leases also lock you down to a single model for long periods.

Flux Business Class takes all upfront costs and sends them out the door. Zero downpayment and zero start fees for contracts as low as one year and up to three years. Like its individual services, Flux Business Class is all-inclusive with the monthly fee including insurance, road tax, maintenance as well as wear & tear.

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The added benefit of zero upfront fees frees up the corporate cashflow for essential spending and the package itself has the added benefit of additional tax savings on Flux expenses. Flux is an 0­-balance sheet expense and as such, you can claim a greater amount back as a tax deduction compared with capitalising your cars as assets.

When Flux takes the vehicle in for maintenance or repairs, a courtesy car will be provided to ensure mobility isn’t affected and work continues unimpeded. Of course, there’s a 24/7 breakdown service as well.

The Flux portfolio off­ers a wide range of makes and models such as new and preowned brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Peugeot, Nissan, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Ford, and more recently, Proton. Encouraging demand will see them expand their fleet of Proton SUVs in the near future with brand-new units of the X70 and recently-launched X50.

To board Flux Business Class, contact them at 03-6411 5611 or [email protected]

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