October 22, 2021

PHOTOPLUS 2020 Moves Online, Make Sure You Attend the Launch: Register Now for Free

Earlier this year, as COVID-19 was growing into the problem it is now, many photography trade shows were either canceled or postponed. This was a huge disappointment for many, including myself. Fortunately, one of the my favorite shows is bringing the experience online and from the looks of it there’s lots to look forward to. 

This year, you can attend PHOTOPLUS virtually on the new PHOTOPLUS+, the brand’s new 365 day a year education and networking platform.

Browse All the Latest Gear 

This year has been especially interesting with all the new cameras and lenses being released. Both Canon and Sony have released some of the best cameras they have ever produced. The Sony a7S III was highly anticipated camera by many. For years, people have been waiting for an update to the much loved a7S II and it’s finally been announced. 

The EOS R5 and R6 are two of the most interesting cameras that Canon has ever produced. Canon isn’t generally known for being the company that experiments with the latest and most advanced features. The EOS R5 is the first ever photo camera to shoot 8K raw, and do it all internally. As challenging as this year has been, the gear that has been released has been some of the most compelling. 

Personally, I’m very interested in trying out the new EOS R6. As great as the R5 seems, the R6 seems like a far more practical and affordable option, especially because 8K is something I’m not planning on shooting anytime soon. 

At PHOTOPLUS, you have the opportunity to not only to look at all the gear you want, but also speak to the manufacturers live. Companies like Sigma and Zeiss have always been a great source for me to learn about new lenses and this is why speaking to them is really helpful. Reading reviews online or watching videos on YouTube is one thing, but to get instant feedback and support is a whole other. 

Lots of Interactive Opportunities

Although testing gear can be great fun and useful, one of the best things about PHOTOPLUS+ is the interactive opportunities available. Even if you’re isolating at home, you still have the ability to watch hundreds of hours worth of videos and conferences. Attending virtually means that you still get access to a huge amount of content. The educational information available can be of great value if you’re planning on taking your skills to the next level. This can come from a number of sources including receiving quality instruction from experts within the field. 

Other opportunities include career-building panels. For many photographers, managing the business side of things can be the biggest challenge. Even now, after years of working in the industry, I still find that there is so much I still need to learn about the business. Its at these kind of events that I’ve been able to pick up new strategies and techniques to help develop my business and I highly recommend it.

If you’re just starting out within this industry, the education available on the platform could be exactly what you need. Let’s be honest, the competition within the photo and video industry is immense and getting some instruction in this area can help give you that extra leg up. 

Network with the Top Educators

There’s new opportunities to directly connect with brand ambassadors and industry pros this year. The PHOTOPLUS+ AI-powered matchmaking system will pair you with both peers and industry greats so you can trade tips and learn new techniques.

If for example, lighting is an area that you struggle with or if you’re looking to learn new techniques, PHOTOPLUS+ could be the best place for you improve your skills. This along with the fact that you can match up and chat with a lighting expert and compare and contrast what you hear to the products in the virtual expo hall, you know you’ll walk away with techniques that take your work to the next level.

In my view one of the most valuable things PHOTOPLUS+ offers is the one-on-one feedback on your photos. I have on several occasions paid for this service and it’s been an incredible help to me. Other more experienced photographers can point out things in your images which you may have never even thought of. This is a great way to improve both your style and the results you produce and amazingly, this is available for free on the platform. I really cannot stress enough how valuable it can be to receive this kind of one on one feedback. Even if you attend for this benefit alone, it would be completely worth it. 

The best way to stay sharp in this industry is to keep learning and developing your skills. The educational opportunities available at PHOTOPLUS can be of great benefit. 

A Must This Year

For many of us, this year has been tough and many opportunities that we would normally expect, have simply not been available. I think it’s important that photographers and videographers attend the show this year. Even though we are not able to make it in person, PHOTOPLUS is doing a great deal to make the platform available to as many people as possible, leaving it open for 30 days starting November 1. The learning opportunities and the one on one services available, make show something you simply cannot miss. 

Finally, you have the opportunity to enter competitions right at the show too. Be sure to enter to give yourself a chance to win some awesome gear. 

You can register for free using this link here. 

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