September 24, 2021

Poralu Marine revolutionizes its core business and launches “Marina Management & Consulting”

In the 21st century where traditional land planning methods are running out of steam, designing sustainable projects for maritime shorelines and nautical spaces that serve multiple purposes is becoming a priority for local communities. It is in this context that Poralu Marine, the world leader in the construction of aluminum marinas, is making a significant shift and launching “Marina Management & Consulting” (MM&C), a revolution in its market.

MM&C – A new vision of tomorrow’s marina, shattering traditional business models

Today, Poralu Marine is using its 35 years of experience in designing marinas to break away from traditional business models, which focus solely on the leisure aspects of a marina. By moving from manufacturer to manager, operator, and investor, the world leader is responding to strong market demand and revolutionizing its core business. The company is the first in the world to offer such a complete and tailor-made solution while mastering the entire value chain.

“The creation of this new business is a real opportunity in international markets. We are seeing that marinas are an integral part of a coastal development project. Poralu Marine is now going further and becoming the manager-operator of marinas, which are becoming local centres of attraction. We are responding to a strong demand from our customers, who need support and genuine know-how throughout the entire operation, from the conceptual phases to management, including consulting and investment. ” explains Cédric Le Rest, former General Manager of Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi), who has now become Director of Marina Operations at Poralu Marine.

Poralu Marine now assists its clients – elected officials, municipalities, private communities, etc. – in managing their marinas through consulting. The company also has opportunities to invest directly in a marina or coastal project, from design to management. By doing so, Poralu Marine creates its own business and becomes a key player in its projects.

The advantages of MM&C are numerous for communities wishing to outsource their marina project: by choosing Poralu Marine to spearhead their project, they offer themselves global management with a single point of contact, increase profitability and generate other revenues thanks to a marina integrated into their region.

Poralu Marine: A committed global player, in touch with its environment

MM&C embodies the innovative vision carried by the group, which integrates activities related to water sports and land development, while respecting and preserving the environment. Through this new business, Poralu Marine is making a significant shift in the way it thinks about its projects for today and tomorrow.

” We want to see marinas as true living spaces; a destination in and of itself where people go to enjoy themselves. For too long they have been underestimated and neglected as mere “parking lots” for boats. Marinas have the potential to be at the heart of an urban development initiative, where people can truly flourish. This is why we have decided to create a new type of marina, ” says Christophe Sauné, Director of MM&C at Poralu Marine.

The company, established throughout the world, works by considering a new context: people are reappropriating coastal areas and sea fronts; society is changing and the reasons for existence are evolving. Poralu Marine feeds off its ecosystem and pays particular attention to the nature that surrounds us, placing the environment at the heart of its business model. Its future projects respond to a growing need of the population to respect the ecosystem and preserve local biodiversity.

An experienced team for tailor-made support
To support its development and enable the overall management of each marina, Poralu Marine has compiled a team of experts with proven know-how in marina management and consulting, who are accustomed to dealing with local authorities. They collaborate all over the world with talented people, selected for their experience and ideal knowledge of local issues and ecosystems.

Christophe Sauné explains: “Our new mission is to be a manager, marina operator and investor at the same time. Each project is designed according to a territory that has its own needs and particularities and integrated into local economic and social development. To achieve this, we recruit professionals from all over the world. These experts and consultants take part in the project from design to operation, for maximum profitability.”

“We are seeing a huge change in the way marinas are perceived and used. Marina infrastructure needs to evolve to be more integrated into the local ecosystem, meeting greater needs than those of boaters alone. We strive to provide lively places, where people and the environment are major pillars, thus reducing some form of dependency on the yachting market. “, adds Cédric Le Rest.
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