August 17, 2022

Project managers working to develop businesses in Hilltop

The old Hilltop Bank Block has sat on West Broad Street since the late 1920s.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Driving through the Hilltop community on West Broad Street, the fresh smell of coffee might catch your nose.

“This is a place for business and a place for opportunity,” said Kenny Sipes, founder of Roosevelt Coffee Roasters.

The old Hilltop Bank Block has sat on West Broad Street since the late 1920s. Now it houses Sipes’ wholesale company. “We’re growing and this space allows us to continue to get bigger,” he said.

The new tenants are a part of a project called the Hilltop Bank Block Project. Project managers and brothers Parker and Preston Steele said it’s a step in revamping a piece of the Hilltop community from North Oakley and North Wayne Avenues.  The two said it’s under the mission of Envision Hilltop. The city’s plan to reinvigorate the area.

The old bank is a part of that. Sipes said the company moved from Franklinton after they were searching for a new location.

He told 10TV John Rush, a social entrepreneur and project manager with the Hilltop Bank Block Project, told them about the space.

Sipes said Rush plans to open a used bookstore in the front of the building.

“Coffee is a place in which people can commune together,” said Sipes.

The Steele brothers said along with the bank, they have several other spaces as well as apartments and retail spaces.

“It was an opportunity to make some change in the neighborhood,” said Parker Steele. “Our goal is to help grow the Hilltop, the Greater Hilltop area. Really, Sullivant and West Broad,” said Preston Steele.

It’s a vision the brothers want to see expand to the entire Hilltop community.

Sipes is thankful he’s a part of something positive and impactful. 

“Long as I can be a part of something that’s going to create value and change, that’s enough for me,” said Sipes.

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