June 28, 2022

Protect Yourself and Your Organization from Cybercrime NIU College of Business Online Speaker Series

Smartphones, laptops, internet-connected doorbells and cars all are parts of our digital lives, and all are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from cybercrime. The next NIU College of Business Wednesday Night Wisdom online speaker event is from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30. All are welcome to register for free (go.niu.edu/wnw).

Our panelists are NIU College of Business alumni and experts in cybersecurity:



Joe Granneman, MBA 11, CEO and principal consultant of Illumination Cybersecurity Consulting, will kick off this Wednesday Night Wisdom panel discussion by showing how susceptible we are to cyberattacks and how we can prevent them.

Arvin Verma, OMIS 11, InfraGard Chicago IT sector chief, INMA IT sector SME and fellow at the Cybersecurity Forum Initiative, will describe social media’s role in manipulating our behavior for societal change and for access to our personal information. He will share ways we can protect ourselves online.

Mary Frantz, OMIS 91, managing partner at Enterprise Knowledge Partners LLC, will provide insight into the future of cybersecurity including new threats, new ways we can protect ourselves and the cybersecurity job market.

Learn how the shift of working from home impacts cybersecurity and how individuals are more vulnerable to attacks. Come away with several tips to protect yourself personally and professionally.



The Northern Illinois University (NIU) College of Business in June launched an online speaker series, Wednesday Night Wisdom, to keep students, alumni and friends learning and connected in this unprecedented time.

When the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) sent NIU students home in the middle of the spring semester, the College of Business quickly pivoted to remote teaching and learning strategies for in-class learning, and virtual activities for supplemental, out-of-class learning through the Business Passport Program.

“We were very pleased at our business students’ willingness to engage virtually in the spring,” said Amy Buhrow, senior director of Strategy, Student Success and Accreditation. “Connectivity is the core of the college experience. We launched the Wednesday Night Wisdom series to keep our students, alumni and friends connected to one another and to learning, wherever they may be.”

Each year, the College of Business hosts nearly 500 alumni and business professional visits. With limits on face-to-face interactions, the Wednesday Night Wisdom online speaker series taps our valued alumni and friends virtually to share knowledge in a safe, interactive way.



“The NIU College of Business has an expansive and highly informed base of alumni and faculty; any one of whom could be described as an expert in any number of fields,” said Cassandra Young, College of Business director of Alumni Relations. “Time and time again, they have proven the value of their knowledge as consultants through publications, to students and to other alumni. We are proud and delighted to feature their expertise and perspectives in the Wednesday Night Wisdom series.”

“We launched the series slowly in June and have completed a few events each month,” said Rachel Schmit, senior event coordinator for NIU’s College of Business. “The live event is recorded and then edited for a downloadable future podcast.”

College of Business Dean Balaji Rajagopalan said he’s grateful to alumni for sharing their knowledge on topics, such as tapping into networks during this challenging time, managing finances through retirement and leadership through a crisis.

“Our alumni and faculty members have stepped up to provide a wealth of information and are helping others to stay focused and productive on their business, school assignments, projects and personal lives,” Rajagopalan said.


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