September 16, 2021


WHILE the market has embraced e-commerce, not all players in Selangor are prepared for buying and selling via the Internet, hence the state government is stepping in to encourage them to take their business online.

According to State Investment, Industry and Trade, Small and Medium Enterprise Committee chairman Datuk Teng Chang Khim, “e-commerce purchases went up by 400% during the movement control order (MCO) period, so it’s clear more people are embracing online shopping.

“The Selangor e-Bazar Raya did better than expected, so the state government is planning to continue with a similar e-bazaar for the 11.11 Festival.”

Teng said the Selangor e-Bazar Raya featured 2,000 existing merchants and 6,400 new merchants, and offered customers Shopee shopping vouchers worth RM1mil.

The two-month event generated RM11.7mil in sales revenue and RM341mil in ripple effect for the merchants.

The 11.11 Festival will feature more micro entrepreneurs and a wider range of products, with shoppers in Selangor expected to benefit from more discount vouchers.

“We want Selangor traders to be aware that they have the whole of Malaysia as their potential market, ” said Teng, citing as example a boutique owner who raked in RM50,000 monthly from the Selangor e-Bazar Raya, after previously making RM2,000 monthly from her physical store.

He said the Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (Sitec) offers training for those who want to digitise their business, such as digital marketing, connecting to payment gateway and logistics partners, as well as managing accounting and stock systems.

Sitec also serves as an incubator and accelerator for micropreneurs and start-ups in Selangor.

“The state government is aiming to make Selangor a regional business hub and is benchmarking against Singapore, ” said Teng.

“Selangor has a lot of potential that could be tapped into. It has the third largest airport in the South-East Asian region (KL International Airport) and 12th largest sea port in the world (Port Klang).

“Selangor is strategically located with a good logistics and transport network, and is rich in natural resources and land. It has a six-million population, many of whom are multilingual.”

Teng highlighted that Selangor contributed 24.2% to the national gross domestic product (GDP) last year, making it the highest contributor among all states.

The state recorded RM47.8bil in approved investments last year, comprising RM17bil from the manufacturing sector and RM30.8bil from services and other sectors.

To build a strong foundation and benchmark, Teng said the state government had mapped out several action plans and set up several councils to formulate plans, strategies and policies for key industries.

“The Selangor Industrial Master Plan focuses on five core industries in the manufacturing sector – electrical and electronics; machinery and equipment; transport equipment (including aerospace); food and beverage; and life sciences.

“We hope to make Selangor the Asia-Pacific hub for the maintenance, repair and overhaul for the aerospace industry, ” said Teng, pointing out that 60% to 70% of components for Airbus wings are produced in Selangor.

“Selangor Bio Bay serves as a centre of excellence for the biotechnology sector, ranging from research and development (R&D) to manufacturing. As Selangor doesn’t have a strong base in biotechnology, the council will draw up a plan on targets to be achieved and industries to focus on, such as natural and human resources.”

Teng said the team at Invest Selangor is as busy as pre-MCO times as they are constantly engaging and updating investors and governments on what is happening in Selangor.

“Its newly launched Selangor Business Hub (SBH) serves as a one-stop digital platform for all things investment-related in Selangor, including activities, promotions and networking.

“The virtual business platform is the first of its kind in Malaysia as it offers everything an investor or entrepreneur would need, such as business matching, contacts and government incentives, ” he said, adding that data collection would be more efficient and streamlined.

The upcoming Selangor International Business Summit 2020 will be held virtually via the SBH portal, including its four main events – Selangor International Expo; Selangor Asean Business Conference; Selangor Smart City and Digital Economy Convention; and, Selangor R&D and Innovation Expo.

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