December 1, 2021

Regional SBA representative visits Central Texas businesses affected by shutdown

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – On Tuesday the Small Business Administration sent out a delegation to meet with local officials and talk with small business owners about their experience during the economic downturn following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What I am seeing here in Central Texas is that the (Paycheck Protection Program) is an absolute success,” SBA Regional Admin Justin Crossie said.

Crossie along with other SBA staff toured businesses in Waco and Killeen that relied on PPP loans to stay open.

The results so far, they say are a success.

“The economy is much stronger than anyone would have thought at this point,” said Crossie, after going to several states in the region.

While many have speculated over more help coming in the form of another stimulus deal, Crossie said the SBA will back whatever Congress comes up with.

“The next level of moving forward will be up to Congress,” says Crossie.

“Whatever programs come from Congress we are ready to push that out,” he says.

One small business owner in Waco agrees with Crossie, and credits PPP loans for helping her keep the business alive.

“PPP helped us tremendously more than we ever could have imagined,” said Martha Sanders who is a co-owner of Waco’s Sironia Uptown Cafe.

Sanders says the last few months have been very difficult for her and the employees.

“It was so hard on us to shut down for 2 months,” says Sanders.

“This is our baby,” she says.

In May they were able to open back up and hire back all of the staff, she says that PPP helped make that happen.

“We were able to keep our crew and just survive,” says Sanders.

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