September 30, 2022

Retired educator promotes kindness through cards – Business – Monroe News – Monroe, Michigan

“Sending a card is a simple act of kindness that can be done by anyone, anytime,” Kris Hudson said.

For Kris Hudson, making people smile is in the cards – literally.

The recently retired educator is an affiliate with SendOutCards (SOC), a company where individuals and businesses send greeting cards without having to go to the store.

Using an app on a cellphone or computer, SOC is an online service with a catalog of more than 14,000 greeting cards and gives customers the options to add photos or personal messages, so each card is as unique as the person receiving it.

“Sending a card is a simple act of kindness that can be done by anyone, anytime,” Hudson said. “Kindness has been shown to lower stress, lower social anxiety, increase sense of well-being and the list goes on. Study after study all point to the same thing: being kind is actually a form of self-care.

“You know when you do something nice for people, it makes you feel good. Imagine if you did that on a daily basis how awesome you would feel.”

SOC prints, stuffs, stamps and mails the card to the recipient; no printer or envelopes are needed.

The program has an option to store addresses of all the people you know, and the card system will alert you of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

After working 30 years with Monroe Public Schools, Hudson retired in June. She launched Hudson Aerial Photography and is a distributor for Isagenix, a company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products, so the ease and flexibility of using the card program appealed to Hudson.

She heard about SOC from a friend who lives in South Dakota and uses the program. He sent cards to Hudson and her eight-year-old daughter, Hope, along with a book about human connection written by Kody Bateman, the company’s founder.

“After reading the book, I was hooked,” Hudson said. “Life is about building relationships and appreciating people and celebrating people, and especially now being quarantined, people need a tangible way to connect…

“The biggest appeal is the ease of using the program. We have plenty of pre-made cards to use that you can still customize, or you can make your own. Most times, I add a picture from Facebook to the card, say what’s in my heart and click send.

“I can literally send an amazing heartfelt card to someone from my phone while on my couch, when I am riding in the car or sitting on my patio.”

Hudson’s initial thought was to use the card program as a way to network and build relationships for her Isagenix business.

But soon she found herself sending cards to family, friends and frontline workers. Her wife, Julie, is a nurse who works at a Downriver hospital taking care of patients fighting the virus.

“It turned into so much more,” she explained. “COVID hit, and people were stressed and couldn’t go out, so I started sending cards.”

Since becoming a SOC affiliate in March, Hudson has created and sent more than 600 cards. She sends three cards per day and estimates the cost of a card is about 20% cheaper than the cost of sending a card traditionally.

She’s even sent cards internationally to friends in Australia, Canada and Italy.

“I sent my first cards to the people on vestry with me at Trinity Episcopal Church,” she recalled. ”I was a fairly new member there, and they have been so welcoming to my family. I appreciate them so much and wanted to let them know.“

In addition to cards, extras like gift cards or gifts for kids and graduates can be sent. Hudson said the program also works well with businesses.

“People buy from people they know, like and trust, so businesses can build relationships with their customers by sending them thank you cards, ’we appreciate your business’ cards, referral cards and so much more,” she said

“I have been blown away by the responses I have received. I have had phone calls thanking me, (and) asking me ’how did I know that they needed a card?’ I’ve had people tell me my cards have warmed their heart and brought them to tears.”

Hudson believes one of the best advantages of using the SOC program is that it makes people feel cared for.

“It feels wonderful to know that the cards are truly appreciated and that they make a difference,” she said. “It really is true, making others feel loved and appreciated makes you feel happy.

“Kindness can make a difference and that is what this company is about, sharing kindness and sending smiles one card at a time.”

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