January 29, 2023

Scotland’s business leaders welcome Rishi Sunak’s ‘bold’ plan to save thousands of jobs this winter

Ms Black said: “These bold steps from the Treasury will save hundreds of thousands of viable jobs this winter. It is right to target help on jobs with a future, but can only be part-time while demand remains flat. This is how skills and jobs can be preserved to enable a fast recovery.”

Andrew McRae, the FSB’s Scotland policy chair, said: “The Chancellor has avoided the dismal scenario where Scottish firms faced new and ongoing restrictions on trade while most support for business was being withdrawn. Today’s measures go some way to filling the most obvious support gaps, but ministers must be prepared to go further.   

“We’re missing new support for the 1 in 20 Scottish businesses that are still unable to trade at all because of government rules, such as soft play centres and nightclubs.”

Dr Liz Cameron, the SCC’s chief executive, said: “This should help save many from losing their jobs completely and lessen the immediate pressure on cash flow for businesses, particularly during what will continue to be difficult trading conditions this coming winter.”

But Mr Crothall said: “The reality we must all face now is that within the coming days and weeks, businesses owners will lose their livelihoods, thousands will lose their income and the effects on the economy and people’s lives will be nothing short of devastating.”

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