January 22, 2022

SFU’s Shields School of Business announces new international business program | Lifestyle

LORETTO — The Shields School of Business at Saint Francis University announced the addition of a new international business program.

The Bachelor of Global Business Management program examines business management strategies and tactics used in other cultures. Graduates will gain a full understanding of the political, economic, and cultural characteristics of today’s multicultural business environment, along with the dynamics of international business.

Two aspects of the Global Business Management program are designed to differentiate it from similar international business programs, including:

  • A multi-disciplinary approach grounded in the liberal arts: Global Business Management students will complete six additional credits in one of the following areas: modern languages, history, and/or political science in addition to general education requirements.
  • Required study abroad or international business internship: Students will study abroad during their sophomore or junior years to broaden their international knowledge and experience base. Students may select one semester-long study abroad program, two short-term study abroad programs, and/or a comprehensive international business management internship.

The Bachelor of Global Business Management program is supported by a strong business core, covering accounting, economics, management, marketing, information systems, finance, and quantitative business analysis. Courses include global business management, global marketing, international trade and finance, international business laws, and global supply chain and logistics.

The Global Business Management program also draws from the strong liberal arts tradition of Saint Francis University by providing coursework in history, political science, and/or modern languages beyond the general education core as well as promoting study abroad and/or international business internships opportunities. Students have the opportunity to learn how to effectively address globalization issues with various business strategies and tactics.

Students have the chance to gain a business understanding of various cultures, markets, and global business practices, along with economic and financial differences across countries. The Global Business Management program will enable students to obtain the key industry knowledge to successfully conduct business on a global scale in an international corporate environment.

The Global Business Management program is designed to study and comprehend the dynamic and complex global business environment within which organizations and individuals operate. In an era of increased globalization, students must have a clear understanding of the theory and practice of core business functions as well as a capacity to interact with geographically, economically, culturally, legally and politically diverse environments within which global companies undertake international trade and investment.

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