October 28, 2021

Spiritual Intelligence In Business? New Book Provides A Blueprint

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Steve Rodgers, a former Warren Buffett CEO who transitioned into a new path as a purpose-driven consultant and entrepreneur coach, in-demand international keynote speaker, and bestselling author has published his second book, The IGI Principles.

The book will be published on Friday, September 18th by Mitchell Levy’s AHAthat company. The book is being available on the Amazon book marketplace. It will soon be available to listen to as an audiobook version read by the author himself as well.

“This is a warm, wonderful book, full of ideas and insights that will open your mind and heart to the true potential that lies within you. Not only is it a joy to read, but you will never be the same afterwards.”
– Brian Tracy, author of over seventy bestselling books, consultant to over 1000 companies, and international keynote speaker

This is Rodgers’ follow up to his Amazon #1 best-selling book From Lead to Gold: An entrepreneurs guide through transition, transformation, and evolution. His first book told of his journey of climbing to the top of the Real Estate ladder to serve as the CEO of a multi-billion dollar Warren Buffett company. It chronicled his personal evolution through many hardships and life’s challenges, including alcohol addiction, while sharing his “Lead to Gold Formula” for personal and business transformation.

This new book explores his idea of IGI (pronounced “iggy”), or Inviting God and Goodness In, rather than EGO, Edging God and Goodness Out. It teaches the essential elements of the IGI formula such as forgiveness, gratitude, integrity, service, and trust. These concepts are explored and it is explained how they can be expressed in one’s personal and professional life and why they are essential for success. These principles and strategies apply to all forms of professional work, whether the individual is a solopreneur, the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, or an employee in a company of any size.

The IGI Principles gives grounded, practical advice and guidance on how business owners and leaders can run a wildly successful company while also staying true to their moral principles and contributing to a better world for all.

The IGI Principles has been endorsed and praised by such leaders in the business and entrepreneurship field as Brian Tracy, Greg S. Reid, David Corbin, John Assaraf, and Marshall Goldsmith. Mark C. Thompson, the world’s #1 CEO coach, a serial Midas Touch investor, former Chief of Staff of Charles Schwab, Broadway producer, and New York Times bestselling author wrote the foreword to the book.

“The thing that drives Steve and the work that he’s going to share with you in this book is the sensibility of bringing the entire human experience into the impact that you can deliver for a company. Steve and his team have come together to bring about what I think will be one of the most meaningful adventures you’ll ever take in your career.”
– Mark Thompson

Author, international speaker, and business & lifestyle consultant, Steve Rodgers’ career has led him from branch manager to the CEO of a Warren Buffet company with over $25 billion in annual sales all the while being on a lifelong spiritual quest for deeper purpose.

He describes himself as, “a leader helping others discover, maximize, and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.”

Rodgers’ specializes in helping business owners and leaders increase their profits and productivity through aligning their purpose while bringing spiritual intelligence into every aspect of their personal and professional lives. Through his Alchemy Advisors coaching and consulting firm and the teaching of the IGI principles, Steve shows others how they can Invite Goodness Into their lives and experience success and joy in all aspects of their business and life.

Mr. Rodgers has been a guest on many popular podcasts and TV programs such as the American DreamTV show, UT TV, Diversity Dad, Vroom Vroom Veer, and Rhett Power’s Power Lunch Live. He has also spoken at events around the world to thousands of individuals as an international keynote speaker.

One can go to Steve Rodgers’ website to read the first chapter of the book for free, purchase the book, and receive free gifts as part of the book’s release promotion. Additionally, the book ebook version will be available as a complimentary download for a very limited time as part of the release day promotion. Kindle, hardcover, and paperback editions of the book are available on Amazon.

As part of the book’s promotion, the author and publisher Mitchell Levy will be doing a Facebook live video on Friday, September 18th at 9 a.m PST. Steve Rodgers will also hold another Facebook live video at 11:30 a.m on the same day.

Visit his website at steverodgers.net to learn more about Steve and how to get in touch with him for consulting, coaching, or speaking engagements. You can also connect with Steve Rodgers on Facebook or LinkedIn.

For more information, contact Steve at [email protected]

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