December 1, 2021

State creates myconneCT to help business owners navigate tax filing

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — State officials say myconneCT, a new online tool new from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, is supposed to be user friendly. They said business owners can file their taxes with just a few taps on their phones or personal computers.

The Thomas Hooker Brewery in Hartford was part of a focus group to see how the new platform should be built.

Acting Department of Revenue Services (DRS) John Biello said, “To the business community, I’d like to say ‘we heard you!’”

State officials said the current system businesses use to file taxes is old and clunky.

This upgrade will help in more ways than one. DRS commissioner said efficiency, managing accounts and registering a new business will all be easier with this online platform.

The governor said FAST Enterprises is the vendor who helped build the platform.

Biello said 7,000 business tax returns have been filed already.

“The mark of a good digital government is to have all of the information and the ability to have all of the interactions in one location.”

Thirty other states use this new system and officials said not only is there an opportunity to find those who fail to pay their taxes, but the data the system can archive is helpful in policymaking.

Governor Ned Lamont said, “In real-time, you want to be able to know what does it look like, what’s going on, what are sales happening, how are stores doing? These are the types of insights we need. that’s what we need going forward.”

Five years after myconneCT is up and running officials believe $460 million in state revenue will be generated. Eventually, the state will add in taxpayers who can file income taxes on their smartphone.

For questions users can call the myconneCT hotline (877) 729-6691.

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