November 27, 2021

The Power of Veto causes a riff within The Committee


On Sunday, The Committee once again grabbed control of the week, with Memphis winning the HOH and putting Da’Vonne and Kevin on the block. It was a predictable bit of business for The Committee, but the rest of the episode was somewhat interesting because Da’Vonne, on the block once again, was mad at David for ruining her game by flipping on their plan, an accusation that’s not true. Da’Vonne, much like Kevin and a lot of other players that have been voted out, has failed to see who’s running the show right now, and is clashing with one of her only allies left in the house.

That brings us to tonight’s episode, which has two main takeaways: Memphis is annoying the hell out of everyone, and Da’Vonne and Kevin pretty much deserve to go home for being so bad at reading the game. Let’s start with Memphis’ game, or rather the barely coherent set of actions he takes that constitute his “game.” After winning HOH, he refuses to tell his alliance who he’s putting on the block. He believes it’s his choice and his alone, and he doesn’t want any feedback. Okay, fine. Then, when the veto players are picked (Dani, Nicole, and Tyler, alongside Memphis, Da’Vonne, and Kevin), he brings his alliance members into a room and tells them this is exactly what he wanted and that they should throw the challenge so that he can backdoor David. The nerve he has to try and dictate their games!

Absolutely no one in The Committee agrees with this plan, and as usual, Memphis is controlling and condescending about it. He tells everyone to “listen up” and treats them like children who need to follow his rules. It’s his whole playbook: submission through intimidation and arrogance. His alliance is very clearly sick of him, but they keep indulging him anyways because he’s a number. However, Tyler talks to Cody and he agrees that Tyler should try to win the veto so that they can keep the nominations the same and split up Kevin and Da’Vonne, even if it means making Memphis angry in the process.

That brings us to the second thread of this episode, which is Da’Vonne and Kevin’s complete lack of awareness when it comes to what’s happening in the house. Both of them get Houseguest’s Choice when it comes to the veto players, which, in any just world where they’re reading the game properly, would lead to one of them picking David to play so that he can win and use the veto on them. But no, they’re adamant that David betrayed them and that Nicole, of all people, is loyal. So they choose Nicole and Dani to play, shoring up an entire veto competition filled with Committee members. It’s maddening to watch! They are utterly failing to read the game and it’s costing them big.

After the Zingbot throws out some rather tame insults to the players remaining in the house — except for Nicole, who gets absolutely roasted — it’s on to the veto competition. The six players must run through a maze and retrieve three stuffed animals and place them in specific cages. The player with the fastest time wins. It’s not exactly an exciting competition to watch, but it does end up with an interesting result. Here’s what you need to know: both Da’Vonne and Kevin have the worst times of the six players, and Tyler ends up snagging the win, beating out Memphis by a solid 30 seconds. Memphis is livid that Tyler didn’t throw the competition. That means Tyler can potentially mess with Memphis’ plan to backdoor David.

To Tyler’s credit, he goes straight to Memphis and explains his logic (as a side note, it’s really something that Memphis is always ragging on David for being a “rookie” in an All-Stars season, and yet he got no votes in the Final 2 of his season and he constantly needs his alliance to explain better moves to him). He notes that David is on an island and nobody trusts him, including Da’Vonne and Kevin, and that it’s fishy that Da’Vonne and Kevin picked Dani and Nicole to play in the veto. He thinks there could be some sort of alliance there, and he wants to make sure one of them goes home just in case there is something brewing that would lead to Dani and Nicole turning on them.

So, he chooses not to use the veto, and Memphis is mostly okay with it, and Da’Vonne assumes that this proves backdooring David was never part of the plan and therefore he must be working with Tyler and Memphis. If I had to guess, I think Da’Vonne is going home this week because she’s the bigger threat, which means that unless he wins veto, Kevin is probably going on the block for the fifth time next week.

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