February 8, 2023

The Story of 300K/mo Earning Amazon Seller

William Rivera

Ecom Degree University

Ecom Degree University

Atlanta, Georgia, Sept. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The general reaction that a common everyday person has when they first hear about any idea related to making money online is to question the validity of it.

They are half intimidated, half sceptical, and half fidgety with the entire idea that earning money could actually be easier than we give it credit for. 

The Story of William Rivera:

The person that we are talking about today knew nothing about making money online, while working a typical part time job at a local gym. William Rivera was skeptical to the core, just like your regular person, about the idea of making money outside a regular job, and for the longest time was extremely reluctant and opposed to the idea that it could ever work. He lived with the logic that it sounded too good to be true and would require him indulging in activities he did not condone to reach that goal. 

So William lived on with his firm belief that poor people got poorer, while the rich kept getting richer, and the middle class continued to stay afloat in between, and whatever class bracket his parents belonged to, will be the bracket he will belong too. It was inevitable and non-negotiable. A nice high income salary from a 9 to 5 full time job was according to him the safest way to pay his bills and save up for a good retirement fund 40 years down the line. 

There was absolutely no way William would have believed anyone who said they were making any kind of serious money online legally.

But his prejudice started to weaken when one day 3 years ago he came home after a long shift at work and was exhausted. Every bone in his body ached and he felt like he had zero stamina left inside him to do anything aside from carry him to his bed and crash in it and fall asleep. When he woke up next and felt frustration surging through him, for whatever reason he googled “make money online” opportunity and to check once for myself if it’s fake or not. Until then William had no concept or idea about the methods of making money online.

After having sufficiently made up his mind, he decided to enroll in courses that teach shortcuts to mastering online income. William estimated to have spent close to $500 on a dropshipping course/ mentorship. In the first 3 months, his interest started waning as any of the courses he attended failed to bring about any returns and lost a lot of money. 

Though this would be the point where most people would decide to quit and never try again, William persisted after taking  an entire month off to recuperate from his disappointment at losing a ton of money. For a short amount of time he did entertain the thought of never trying it again. With anything online and self-reinforced, success is not guaranteed and even if you do find success, you are bound to incur some losses before it turns over into profits. Needless to say, he ended up giving it another go because William had seriously started to hate working his previous job that underpaid him and it did not offer him any serious security for working for another 40 years of his life for somebody else. 

But at his 2nd attempt things turned over and William actually started to make a profit online. When that happened, he put all his spare money towards it hoping everything would work out if he just dedicated enough time and effort into the thing. 

William had to sacrifice a lot of sleep just to put in the work needed. It got to the point where he actually got insomnia because of how many nights he had stayed up late. In the middle of the night he would always get cold feet wondering if he was doing the right thing or not. It could have very well backfired on him because he was pledging all of his life savings into this venture.

Although William still lived with his parents so he didn’t have much expenses but it still bothered him that he would have to start from zero all over again for the second time if it all didn’t work out. This is probably the biggest risk he had ever taken in his life, but he was already knee deep into it. It was too late to try and turn back then.

It escalated to the point where his online venture took up most of his time and eventually just William Rivera dropped out of college. His parents were disappointed at that because to them, it looked to them that he had just thrown away the chance at a good life. He knew how furious they were and could understand why, but he had already decided the course for himself and his own life. 

So William spent most of his time outside of his house, living off on coffee, café wifi, and school library internet. It was the only place he found that he could focus without getting in fights with his family. Because of that he was able to put in loads of work into his business after his part time job shift was over. 

Within 4-6 months, William Rivera had reached unthinkable heights. Later he became so successful that he could support his parents with their bills and still have more than enough to pay off his own. Ever since then William was able to scale his dropshipping business to over six figures a month. The gap between paying the bills to hitting six figures a year took around a year. 

Then after another year and a half, it brought him to the point where William was earning 6 figures / mo regularly. 

After building a solid system, he was able to replicate it a few times. The more he sold, the better relationship he developed with his suppliers. 

William enjoyed such great terms with manufacturers which further enabled him to be able to expand and scale bigger. That’s when he took things to the next level and started to sell on Amazon, which was a hidden jackpot for him and his business. By the end of his first month on Amazon, he hit 300k unexpectedly. 

The rest is history and here we are now. 

About Ecom Degree University: 

Econ Degree University is a true step-by-step training program, down to the mental psychology of successfully operating an online business that William Rivera had designed to help out aspiring online businessmen to learn the art of the trade and make money online. 

Like we said before, William actually had a really tough experience with online courses that promised to teach him how to start a business online. He had to employ his own wits and learn how to tackle the system himself. With the knowledge that he has gained from that and understanding the craters scattered through other training programs, William Rivera has come out with an all-rounded training course to help new learners avoid the mistakes he made and actually learn something at a reasonably affordable price.

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