September 23, 2021

This Stardew Valley mod gives each villager an RPG class and lets you recruit them into your party

Exploring Stardew Valley’s monster crawling mines on your own can be a little perilous. One minute you’re happily mining away and the next there are cave flies, green slimes, and rock crabs all up in your business. Thankfully, you’ll no longer have to dungeon delve alone with Stardew Valley NPC Adventures, a mod that lets villagers join you on your adventures.

The folk of Pelican Town are a humble bunch and not really the adventuring type. I can see most of them choosing a cosy night in with a cup of tea over battling monsters in a dark cavern, but this mod brings out their adventurous side.

To ask a companion to go adventuring with you, you’ll first need to have 5 hearts or more with that character. Recruited villagers will then follow you around until you dismiss them and each person has their own unique dialogue for different areas, can hold items for you if your pack is full, and can even fight beside you if things get hairy. My favourite thing about this mod is that each character has been assigned an RPG-inspired class, giving companions special abilities that reflect their personality. 

There are five classes in total: doctors, warriors, foragers, scared, and fighters. The scared class might seem a little out of place, but it sounds like the most fun. Characters with this ability will screech and run away when they see a monster but have powerful buffs to compensate. One character that stands out for me is Harvey, who is part of the doctor class (no surprise there), He can heal you if your health goes under 30%, and will try to save you before you collapse.

(Image credit: Concerned Ape / NPC Adventures team)

These class abilities are great for dungeon delving but they have plenty of uses outside of monster-bashing. Some special abilities are perfect for resource scavenging and others are great as an extra pair of hands on your farm. You can find every character and their assigned classes over on the NPC Adventure website, followed by a download link if you want to give the mod a whirl.

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